MANSPLAIN: The Magazine For Women, Written By Men

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Meet Man You Should Know Matt Round, a self-proclaimed “all-round creative nerd” who hails from across the pond. He makes games and websites for a living, and for fun he whips together brilliant (and hilarious) pieces of creative like this gem… the debut cover of a “ghastly new publication.”

Of his MANSPLAIN magazine, Matt told WYSK, “It’s just a quick satire of ridiculous misogyny that I threw together in minutes.”

On behalf of women everywhere, we say, “Well done sir… well done!”

  • Kennedy

    Haha! I just noticed the blue bar at the bottom. Awesome.

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  • Anthony Barcellos

    At last! This should save a lot of men a lot of time from their dedicated efforts at explaining things to poor helpless women who desperately need men to do their thinking for them.

  • If you’re reading, let me explain something to you Mr Round: let women decide what is and is not “mansplaining”. By making this cover and expecting people to accept and enjoy it, you are sending a clear message that you have the right to explain things to readers which include women. So it’s pretty stupid for you to partially refute that position in the same post. Yes, you saw this coming with your meta-comment but I still feel the need to tell you that this mild hypocrisy is not helping. Not all women feel the same way about safe spaces and gender politics. They should be able to resolve these ongoing debates without us stepping in and trying to do it for them (even with fairly harmless things like magazine covers).

  • Pomirno Szwydko

    Here’s an even better magazine for you: