Living In A Bubble… Literally

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Ever dreamed of living in a bubble? Not in the Seinfeld “Bubble Boy” way, but in the, I need to escape from the world for a while without losing complete sight of it way. Then look no further than CasaBubble, a moveable, spherical haven created by a French designer that is a little igloo-like, without the ice and cold, a little pod-like, without the claustrophobia, and a whole lotta futuristic cool.

A different approach to temporary leisure accommodations, this nomadic dream hut offers the experience of sleeping under the stars with all the comfort of a boutique hotel room. It’s based on the ideas of minimum energy, minimum materials, maximum comfort and maximum interaction with its environment.

casabubble houseAfter first developing the TreeBubble, experimenting with spheres perched in trees, the designer then created a nomadic unit for the ground to be used almost anywhere, just as you would a tent… on the beach, in the wild, in your own backyard as a home office or an all-seasons outdoor room. Imagine how many visitors you’d have with this as your guest room!?!?

Today there are five CasaBubble models and a spa version. They are either completely transparent with a 360° panoramic view (CrystalBubble), or partly opaque to give some privacy (BubbleRoom, BubbleLodge, GrandLodge). The BubbleDrop is almost entirely opaque, making it ideal for meditation or a massage… or anything else you might want to do in private under the sun, moon or stars (wink, wink).

The standard Bubble consists of a 13 feet diameter sphere made of special reinforced plastic with anti-UV treatment and M2 fire rating. It has a double-door airlock entrance and a plywood floor. The sphere is inflated by a silent air blower and packs away in a handy carry bag.

Bubbles are made to be macked out with furniture as well as electricity using solar packs. For a super luxe experience, the BubbleLodge and GrandLodge models (think mini apartments) can be equipped with full bathrooms.

Aside from their slick, ultra-mod design, CasaBubbles also boast an astonishing acoustic effect. Noises outside are muffled and sounds inside bounce back to the centre of the sphere so that people instinctively speak more softly. Best of all, the design leaves mosquitoes, pollen and other allergens outside.

It’s literally your own personal, protective bubble, where you can take time out and catch your breath, while still remaining connected to the visual beauty of the outside world.

How cool is this and how can you not want one?

casabubble forest

casabubble deluxe

casabubble beach2

casabubble backyard2

casabubble backyard

  • gargouille

    Ok, but this does mean finding a day when there will be no rain, bird droppings, raccoon scratching, or giant wind to burst your bubble.

    • WomenYSK

      HA! Touche gargouille… an excellent point.