Ladies Who Lush – Boxed Wine Gets A Makeover

Vernissage Wine Purse
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When we say boxed wine, what comes to mind? For us, it conjures up memories of our grandparent’s closet, college parties and grocery store aisles. But a handbag? Well, someone actually had that thought! Introducing, Vernissage, the bag-in-bag box of wine disguised as a designer handbag. Developed by Swedes, Sofia Blomberg, an art director and Takis Soldatos, a luxury wine expert, Vernissage is the result of thinking outside the box.

Vernissage Glass & BagWith more than half of female drinkers choosing wine over other alcoholic beverages (Gallup), the idea behind Vernissage was to come up with a playful approach that speaks to the modern, female wine consumer. Hence, a couture cardboard box purse filled with high quality wines from the French wine region. Available in three varieties: white (chardonnay/viognier), red (syrah/cab blend) and rose, the Birkin style booze bags are set to hit U.S. stores in the next few weeks. According to Elliot Stern, Partner and CEO of Squish Wines, the U.S. distributor of Vernissage, a pallet is sitting in customs waiting to be cleared and brought to store shelves across the country any day now.

Once considered the bastard stepchild of wine aficionados, boxed wine has come a long way. “One generation ago no one was buying wine with a screw cap,” Stern said, “and look now.” Vernissage was named the “Most Innovative” at the 2010 Carton Awards and won the prestigious Gold Award at the Pentawards, the world’s largest packaging design competition.

We really do hate it when companies try to appeal to women by packaging products in cutesy colors or purses in this instance, but truthfully, if the wine is good and the purse box makes it that much more toteable, we say, we’ll take it in black!

  • Leah

    Talk about an interesting gift to bring to a female! I don’t think I would ever think of bringing a bottle of wine to a woman as a gift, but this take it to a whole new level. I wouldn’t mind giving this “purse” to a friend.

  • LRB

    I’m surprised one of the Real Housewives of Where Ever didn’t come up with this idea. The packaging looks really well done, but I prefer cheese with my wine, not kitsch. So, I’ll be sticking with the traditional bottle.

  • dejuisti
    • WYSK

      However did you find this? So ridiculous… we would not have believed it if we didn’t see it for ourselves. Thanks for sharing.