Jurassic Park: High Heels Edition Puts Everyone In A Pair Of Stilettos

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When Jurassic World was released last month it received rave reviews for its awesome dinosaur action, but the national debate over its star Bryce Dallas Howard’s character Claire wearing high heels throughout the entire film, even while running away from the T-Rex, received jeers from movie goers and a load of criticism from the media.

And because we all “loved the endless running in high heels in Jurassic World,” XVP Comedy has created Jurassic Park: High Heels Edition, a new video with more people running from dinosaurs in heels. And when we say more people, we mean everyone in the franchise… and it’s hilarious.


h/t Heroic Girls

  • Karen Pastore

    Hilarious and a powerful message through a list humor !!

  • Karen Pastore

    another thing I love about this is that it is honest social commentary not the pretense while engaging in the same sexually exploitive and sexually misogynistic messages: case in point Amy Schumer claiming her humor is taking on the bad messages to girls ‘mod wives/ real housewives’ shows: but what does she do? Says things pretending to be against that misogyny …while using the exact same misogyny to sell her ‘criticism’ her so-called social commentary humor: her so-called better example: such as the foe protest comedy about reality TV’s misogyny by criticizing the women on those shows by calling them ‘whores’ (“I may not look like a whore, but I am”) & thus using an epithet on only females (never African Americans, Gays or any other group that has males as members of the group), one that means females bought by males in trafficking are the scum not the male buyers & one that is doing for popularity & thus profit, exactly what those shows do for their popularity & profit: you guys did not pull a con job like the sex- slavery- is- sexy BS GQ Amy ‘satire’ shoot, approved by all misogynists (in the film the female character strangles her sex slaver to death & ditches the skimpy sex-slave costume he forced her to wear): you guys actually produced comedy that truly takes on the misogyny in the media and the pro-misogyny depictions (with a sexual slant) of females in media. You did not wink at it secretly and use it’s very same tactics to get attention and popularity and profit by pretend you are criticizing it & offering a better depiction and message. Bravo :it took brains to come up with this …not just thinking with your wallet. And it is brilliant!