The Isis Project: A Portrait Series Of Girls Emulating Iconic Women

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We love it when we see women drawing inspiration from a fellow WYSK! The Isis Project: Empowering Girls Through The Celebration of Extraordinary Women, is a public art initiative founded by two women you should know, photographer Kat Carey and marketing professional Cassandra Yardeni.

Kat and Cassandra loved photographer Jaime Moore’s “Not Just A Girl” series, which featured Moore’s young daughter dressed as real-life heroines. So, when the duo were presented with an opportunity to highlight women that have changed history themselves, they jumped at the chance, and The Isis Project was born.

In addition to the inspiration taken from Jaime’s photos, Kat also credits her role as a mom to her 2-year old daughter Sofia Luna (pictured in the lead image posing as Annie Leibovitz) for the continued success of the project.

Kat explained to WYSK in an interview:

“When I first found out that I was having a girl, I was very excited, but also felt slightly terrified. In a world where celebrities get more fame for wearing as little as possible, or for degrading other women or themselves, I worried about my daughter’s future self-esteem and self-worth.

Girls deserve better from society. They deserve to feel good about themselves, and not to only be rewarded by showing some skin or being ‘pretty.’ Certainly, there is nothing wrong with ‘owning it’ when it comes sexuality or being good looking, but girls and women deserve to be praised for more than that. We should be praised for our talent, intelligence, skills, heart and strengths. That’s the message we hope to spread with our project.”

Minnie Dean as Sonia Sotomayor Based in San Antonio, The Isis Project hosts a photo session once a month. In order to create an experience for the families, parents are tasked with providing the necessary props and costumes for the “extraordinary” woman they want their daughter to emulate in the photo shoot.

“It has been amazing to see some of the outfits these parents and children have come in with. Leaving it to them really helps get the girls into character, and it’s also a great way to teach the girls about the heroine before they come in for the photo session,” Kat shared.

Gloria Sanchez as Abigail AdamsOver the past several month’s, Kat has taken over the reigns of the project as Cassandra pursues her marketing career. Kat’s interest in photography came when she received her first camera at 10-years-old and has “had them as a companion ever since”.

After graduating the University of Incarnate Word with a BFA in the direction of photography, Kat had the opportunity to study under renowned American artist Kathy Vargas, known for her hand-colored photography. In addition to The Isis Project, Kat also runs her commercial photography company, DarkroomFoto.

The next session is scheduled for April 27. There is a nominal $20 fee to participate, which goes towards the website and pays for a 5×7 print. To find out how to participate, click here.

Alexandria Harrison as Michelle Obama

Erica Lerma as Joan Baez

Fiona Feliz Drew as Ellen Ochoa

Zahara Elizarrarz as Frida Kahlo You can check out more photos here

All images published with permission © The Isis Project

  • KET

    well done

  • Ian

    So you can credit the photo of Leibovitz:

    • Jacqueline Hannah

      So you can sound like an ass while requesting something otherwise reasonable that might have just been an oversight.

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  • Deskrider

    How would all the cosmetics, clothing, and lyposuction businesses stay in business if this country wasn’t so strangled by the desire for all women to look like a fashion model? My first wife was really pretty, and turned out to be a total psycho. My second was more plain, and we have been totally enamored with each other for nearly thirty years. Unless you are totally into one night stands, what is between the ears is much more important the outer wrappings.

    • Becca

      I feel like your second wife would probably hate the phrase, “My second wife was more plain.” lol If not she may need a self esteem boost. Even after 30 years….. that’s a little rough. What if some Burt Reynolds silver fox thinks she’s smart aand really pretty you know? SMH Deskrider 😉

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  • Sobhash Jhuree

    What a load of rubbish. Another example of women looking for an excuse to look pretty. Another example of women conning other women. How can this possibly empower women to stop the abuse that women suffer in countries like India and Pakistan and even in the UK. The real way to empower women is to be equal to men in the work place – start by doing ALL the jobs that men do so that women can be really be independent. How can women be independent if women depend on men to build houses for them, to fix their cars, to build roads, fix the plumbing, fix their computers. Basically almost everything on this planet is built by men and repaired by men and men are even doing the cooking and the cleaning. It’s like the more men are becoming independent of women the more women are becoming dependent on men and dependency breeds abuse. So please get real there are more women that men on this planet and its time that women start to own half of the planet and it wont happen with silly projects like this.