Is It A Blanket, A Sofa? No… It’s A Blandito!

Blandito several ways
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When we fist saw the Blandito, we thought it may be a spoof, but it’s real all right. Blandito, a transformable life size, pillow-like pad that closely resembles a tortilla, is designed by Women You Should Know® Ilaria Pacini, Arianna Petrakis and Gloria Pizzilli of the Italian, experimental Oradaria Design group. Unique design isn’t new to Oradaria, their passion is to take normal things from everyday life and reform them in an unexpected way. The Blandito is the latest of their distinctive projects, and we want one!

This project came to fruition out of a larger conversation the three women had about the traditional living room and how to redesign the main attraction – the sofa, to be more in line with a casual, “lazy living” lifestyle.  After hundreds of sketches, a few basic materials, a lot of patience, imagination, enthusiasm and sleepless nights they created the Blandito.

Blandito is a multifunctional circular pad with strategically placed balls and loops that can be manipulated and transformed into a chair, sofa, cozy bed or toy by folding, wrapping or twisting it into whatever you choose. The huge pillow like structure features a flexible frame, which makes it soft, malleable and perfect for “lazy living”. Blandito will be available in three sizes – small, medium and large to accommodate multiple people for rest or for play. As a kid, there was nothing cooler than building forts and tents inside the house on a rainy day. Transforming furniture with a few bed sheets into a cozy hideaway. Kids will love the Blandito to play and to hide away in! We love it for its ingeniousness. The covers are also removable and washable, making it easy to care for.


Unfortunately, Blandito is not for sale just yet, but you can sign up for their newsletter for the latest information.

Here’s a quick video showing the Blandito from concept to creation:

Blandito. Stop motion from Oradaria Design on Vimeo.

  • Norma

    Never mind this as a toy for the kids, it would also make a great spare bed for when company comes. Fold it up when not in use, and then take it out when the company needs a place to sleep. Pretty cool.

  • Elisa

    I’m curious how they came up with this brand name. I wonder if it has anything to do with the Italian verb, blandire: to coax or cajole? With that said, the Blandito looks fun and inviting.

  • thia

    I MUST have one of these, so much fun and looks super cozy.

  • Danielle

    I can’t wait to get one of these for the kids! How fun!