I’m Thinking About Alienating Everyone I Know… Ready?

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in my opinion there are things president bush did right.
in my opinion there are things president obama did/does right.

there are some things i agree on with bill o’reilly.
there are things i agree on with rachel maddow.

israel has the right to…
palestinians have the right to…

you’re ignorant if you think pot is harmless.
you’re ignorant if you think you should be in jail for smoking pot.

ffs, not everything is racist.
ffs, racism still exists.

men are physically stronger than women.
women are more emotionally connected than men.

a really old book doesn’t prove god exists.
i can’t prove god doesn’t exist.

fill in the blank _______
fill in the blank _______

remember the days when you could have a conversation with someone and not be shunned and/or vilified for your opinion no matter how structured and sound it was?

remember when expressing a factual and logical counter point to someone’s opinion wasn’t met with complete disgust and indignation?

remember when you weren’t greeted by a “smh” or “fuc%ing idiot” or “republican/liberal troll” when simply offering up a different viewpoint no matter how gently it was expressed or how benign it was?

remember when people didn’t judge someone more harshly for their perspectives than for their noble or abhorrent actions?

remember the days when having friends with different views actually made you a more well rounded person?

have we become “agenda celebrities” that just want “yes men/women” around us? do we not want to be challenged intellectually, morally and/or politically?

the extremist/fringe debate style has started to swallow us whole. this tactic was supposed to be reserved for those that devoted their time to perfecting their ad hominem rebut technique, while, at all costs, avoiding admitting that the sky is blue.

so please… let’s all remember to look up once in a while.

Blue sky

Contributed by Tal Kagan, Creative Director of Women You Should Know

  • Macavie

    Would punctuation be too much to ask for?!
    All lower case + f-bombs = didn’t and won’t read.

    • GoGrammarGirl

      all lower case does not = no punctuation. in fact, the piece is fully punctuated. But since you noticed that there were no initial caps, looks like you did, in fact, take the time to read it. LOL!!

  • Common sense and common courtesy need to actually become common again. I don’t care if people unplug or not, but I think that the immediacy of information and opinion makes us all lazy. People need to search out good information, good sources, and then talk. Discuss, share, debate. Don’t argue, don’t belittle. But serious, honest talk to and with other people, whether it’s online or in person, is something we all need in our lives.