Holy Gingerbread! Amazing Replica Of English Manor Took 500 Hours To Create

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The holiday season would not be complete without an obligatory gingerbread house project, so if you are looking for some inspiration, the Biscuiteers, a team of talented pastry artists working at a London cookie company, built this phenomenal gingerbread replica of Waddesdon Manor, a French Renaissance-style chateau in Buckinghamshire, UK.

The folks at the Manor take the holiday season very seriously, and deck out the already luxe home with rich decorations and an elaborate art light display on the estate grounds. This year, they decided to take it to a whole other level and commissioned the folks at Biscuiteers to do what they do best.

 “Waddesdon approached us over a year ago to collaborate with them on recreating the manor in gingerbread,” says Harriet Hastings, co-founder Biscuiteers. “After all, what material could be more festive than gingerbread?”


Waddesdon Manor

Prepping for this massive undertaking was no easy feat. Biscuiteers expert “icers” Serena and Lorena created the technical drawings and planned this “great piece of biscuit architecture.” 


The team started baking back in September and took them 500 hours to make, using more than 30kg of butter and sugar, 240 eggs and 216kg of icing. All of the eight rooms depicted are edible. 

“We loved recreating the details of some of Waddesdon’s most beautiful rooms, including its paintings, furniture and ceramics, each modelled and hand-iced in dazzling and meticulous detail,” Harriet says.  




Watch how Biscuiteers did it here:

The Biscuiteers Waddesdon gingerbread extravaganza is on display in the Coach House gallery at the Stables at Waddesdon Manor until February 2017.

Lucky for us Biscuiteers ships their delicious biscuits all over the world! Learn more here.

All images via Biscuiteers