Brontë Sisters Power Dolls… Watch These Historical (Action) Figures In Action

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“It’s the Brontë Sisters… superpowered English authors from the 19th century. There’s Charlotte and Emily and Anne, all forced to fight evil publishers to get their books into print.”

Even though this is a fake and never aired (but awesome) commercial for a series of educational shorts (circa 1998 by Phil Lord and Chris Miller), it continues to give us hope that maybe someone, someday will make these kickass Brontë Sisters action figures a reality.

  • dc

    LOVE IT! Too bad it never aired.

  • Raschell Lee Gates

    I’m looking for action figures for girls for Christmas. I don’t want to get my niece Barbie, a brat doll, or a monster girl doll. They all wear the two foot tall shoes and have big heads with snotty expressions and too much makeup. Any suggestions? I’ve seen some of bad quality or that just wouldn’t appeal to a girl. The Amelia Earheart doll and Rosie the riveter doll I found online were overpriced and super poor quality. Their faces also looked weird and their bodies like someone just used a cheap generic mold to make them. I don’t think my neice would like them. I like the Katniss doll, but it’s still from a movie not real life. Anyone know of like a firewoman or military girl doll that doesn’t have her hair down and wear high heels?