Have A Home Repair Or Improvement Question? Ask And Our DIY Expert Will Give You The “Fix”

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Jean was confused by countertops. Anna had a bum electrical outlet. Laurel said, “No more!” to her popcorn ceiling. Nina wanted to clean her oven without nasty chemicals. AJ was grossed out by showerhead buildup. VWhite was looking to get creative with accent tiles. Melissa wanted to refinish a flea market find. Sue imagined outfitting her attic in denim.

So what did all of these and countless other smart WYSK readers do? They submitted their questions to our home improvement expert Norma “Toolbelt Diva” Vally, author of our exclusive Fix-It Friday column, and, in return, got the no nonsense goods on their specific DIY “fix” right from the source.

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So what are you “fixin” to do? NOW is YOUR chance to “ask the expert” anything and everything you ever wanted to know about home improvements and maintenance projects or fixes big and small.

Plumbing, electricity, heating/cooling, walls, floors, doors, windows, kitchen, baths, gardens, and more, from the aesthetic to the functional… bring it on because Norma, a seasoned veteran of home repair and the former host of Discovery Home Channel’s series “Toolbelt Diva,” has seen and done it all and has all the answers to share.

YOUR DIY question may be the next “star” of one of Norma’s upcoming Fix-It Friday columns.

fix-it-fridaySo weekend warriors, aspiring handywomen, and even seasoned DIYers we want to hear from you.

What do you want to know?

Just add your question to the comments section below or email it directly to Women You Should Know.

  • nicony

    I recently had a shower installed in my basement. I was originally going with a shower curtain to curtail costs but happened to come across a great deal on a shower door. Any pointers on installing shower doors. Could I possibly attempt this myself?

  • APS

    I too am looking for new shower doors… for a stall shower and for a tub… would love some suggestions!

  • Jennifer

    Ok Norma. In my bathroom, I had a towel bar handing just below my window. Painters came to repair some humidty issues and repaint, and they took down the towel bar. I wanted to put it back up, obviously not in the same place.
    So I measured etc. and started drilling with a drill bit for plaster and boom, I hit metal. Now I didn’t want to go and put
    in the metal drill bit because since there is a structural problem
    around the window, I figured if I start fiddling with metal, I may lose a
    window ! So I tried a little further down, the lower hole and there, I
    didn’t want to insist either because although I didn’t hit metal, I’m
    running up again something…. On the upper hole I must have gotten in a
    quarter of an inch, and the lower, half an inch. So how do I do this without make my wall look like Swiss cheese???

  • Kate

    I’ve gotten several bids to have my kitchen cupboards painted and they’re all around $4000. Surely I can do them myself? Is there something special about kitchen cupboards that I need to know in order to paint them? I’m special prep, some special paint?

    • Norma

      Hi Kate!
      Painting kitchen cupboards is the best way to refresh the look of your kitchen with the biggest bang for your buck, so great idea! To answer your question, yes there’s indeed lots of preparation to get beautiful and professional results. The first thing I’d consider is the type of paint. Have you heard of chalk paint? I’d love to use your question for next weeks Fix-it Friday! There I can answer you in step-by-step detail!

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