Great Schweddy Balls! The Stocking Stuffer Pitch That Just Earned Our 2014 “Really?” Award

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As a media site, we get pitched every single day by PR people and brands jockeying for editorial coverage. Just this week an email hit our general mailbox that really put the “jock” in jockeying. The subject line read, “Pitch: Need Last Minute (Fun) Christmas Gift ideas?” Hhhmm… do tell. But our initial intrigue turned to utter confusion (and hearty cackles of amusement) when we saw what Mr. X (changed to protect the innocent) was pitching.

Garcon email

Garcon_Model_Jocks_Collection_Fashion_Fun_Vertical_1Mr. X sent us fifteen – YES 15 – product shots along with his pitch, and they all pretty much looked something like this… though she was not in every shot, and when she was, she wasn’t always peeking down his undies… in others she was actually trying to claw them off.

While we’re all for men who happen to like a pop of color when it comes to their jockstraps, if Mr. X had bothered to actually look at our site, he’d probably realize that our editorial focus might not fit quite as well as his jockstrops apparently do.

Also, in our humble opinion, it’s probably best to not use “stocking stuffer” in a pitch for jockstraps!

Oh, and in case you were wondering about Schweddy Balls…

Schweddy Balls is a pop culture reference that this story brought to mind. Go figure! It comes from a classic Saturday Night Live sketch featuring the incomparable talents of Molly Shannon, Ana Gasteyer and Alec Baldwin (as holiday bakery owner, Pete Schweddy) that aired 16 years ago this week, on December 12, 1998. If you’ve never seen it have a look… it’s so worth it.