The Good, The Dyed, And The Retro: Everyday Items In Fifty Shades of Green

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Whether you celebrate or not, it’s safe to say that no one can avoid the color green on St. Paddy’s Day. As our heads spin in swirls of kelly, hunter, and emerald, it got us feeling a little green. So rather than fight it, we rolled with it and collected images of things available for consumption – the good, the dyed and the retro – in fifty shades of green.

1. Medusa Hat

medusa hat

2. Emeralds


3. Retro cocktail/prom dress (circa the 80s)

cocktail_prom dress

4. Edamame


5. New Retro Style Banana Seat Bicyle

banana seat bicycle

6. Sport Shorts from the 1970s

1970s care label shorts

7. Braided Ribbon Barrettes

80s braided ribbon barrette

8. Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum (“double your pleasure, double your fun”)

wrigleys gum

9. Crayons

green crayons

10. Chocolate Chip Cookies

green chocolate chip cookies

11. “Green” Car

green car

12. Granny Smith Apples (ps – you should know the real “granny” behind these apples… meet Maria Ann Sherwood)

Green apple

13. Bagels (that’s not mold)

green bagels

14. Glo Worm (the “it” baby toy in 1982)


15. The Great Gazoo (hint… The Flinstones)


16. Green Tomatoes (try them fried)


17. Green Tea

green tea

18. Needs No Introduction


19. Fido (disclaimer… WYSK does not support the dying of animals)


20. Matcha KitKats (for the Japanese market)

green kit kat

21. Green M&Ms

green m&ms

22. Green Juice (these are from Magic Mix Juicery… a WYSK office lunch staple)

Green juice

23. Avocado

whole and half avocado isolated on white

24. Jelly Fruit Slices


25. Repurposed BottleHood Tanquerey Glasses

Lila mae glasses

26. Kale


27. The Beer That Stands Up For Equality


28. Can Of Slime (circa 1976)


29. Romanesco Cauliflower (a.ka. Coral Broccoli)

Romanesco Cauliflower

30. Dorothy’s Nemesis… the Wicked Witch of The West


31. Lady Liberty (she wears her green so well)

Statue of Liberty

32. Sigmund & The Seamonsters (from The World Of Sid & Marty Krofft, 1973-1975)

sigmond the seamonster

33. A Cult Classic… The McD’s Shamrock Shake


34. 80s Neon Schrunchie


35. Vintage Rotary Phone

sage green retro phone

36. Rock Candy

rock candy

37. Classic Troll Doll (not the tarted up versions of today)

retro troll doll

38. Reebok Sneakers


39. Rabbit’s Foot


40. Recycle And Go Green

Recylcle symbol

41. Pesto


42. Pipe Cleaner Dinosaur

pipe cleaner dino

43. Oscar The Grouch

oscar the grouch

44. Othello


45. Margarita

Frozen Margarita, Lime, Isolated

46. Chachi’s Signature Army Jacket

scott baio as chachi

47. Thin Mints (we know it’s a stretch… but the box is REALLY green)

GS Thin Mints

48. Pistachios

pistachio nuts

49. Mint Oreos (blech)

mint oreo

50. Shamrock Shades (as being modeled by the St. Paddy’s Day reveler in the lead image)

  • Marge

    If we are going for the GREEN, then I say go for the emeralds!!!! What better way to say “Go Green” then with those beautiful gems!!! My second is the margaritas!!! Here’s a beautiful thought – wear emeralds while sipping margaritas. Can we make this a new tradition for St. Patrick’s Day?