GoldieBlox Takes On Barbie With New Action Figure

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GoldieBlox, the toy aisle disrupters and makers of engineering toys for girls, has a beef with Barbie. In an effort to give girls more options, the company has unveiled a new action figure named appropriately… “Goldie.”

Goldie isn’t your average doll. Instead of a dream house and unrealistic body proportions, Goldie is an engineer with a toolbelt, equipped with toy axles, wrenches, washers and a zip line. The adorable doll has bendable joints and hands that can grip, similar to many boys’ action figures.

In place of stilettos and high fashion couture, Goldie dons red Converse sneakers, overalls and a t-shirt.

“Fashion dolls teach girls to value beauty over brains. One is sold every three seconds.”

“She’s not perfect. She’s not a genius. She’s not a beauty queen. She’s really curious and she’s messy and she’s willing to take risks,” said GoldieBlox Founder and CEO, Debbie Sterling.

Goldie joins a growing market of alternative dolls that girls can relate to and be inspired by. Some of our favorites include: Go! Go! Sports Girls, Lammily, Miss Possible, Lottie Dolls, etc. We hope this trend continues… girls deserve more.


  • Erin Aquino-Carhart

    It’s nice to see a toy like this for girls, but I disagree with the description saying that she has realistic body proportions. She still has an over-sized head and eyes and skinny neck. I suppose that this is more like a cartoon character…