Giveaway: WE ARE ALL WONDERWOMEN – Satrun Sisters Print

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One of our favorite Wonder Woman inspired prints is the fantastic WE ARE ALL WONDERWOMEN! by Catherine and Sarah Satrun, twin animators living and working in Chicago with a background in hand drawn animation. They have loved to draw ever since they were old enough to pick up crayons and built successful careers out of their passion and talent.

Catherine and Sarah Satrun_ Sketchy DuoTwin powers activate! The “Sketchy Duo” collaborated on this parody piece, which is a smash-up between Wonder Woman and Dove’s Real Beauty ads, noting that their inspiration came from all their beautiful friends of different sizes and colors.

In describing the piece on her blog, Catherine wrote, “We are all women, we are all beautiful, and we are all wonderful!! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!”

We recently purchased one of their WE ARE ALL WONDERWOMEN! prints and it’s now hanging in the Women You Should Know office, inspiring us all every day. But we couldn’t bear the thought of not paying this kind of WYSKy inspiration forward… so we picked up an extra print to give away to one lucky WYSK reader.

Enter To Win… Right Here, Right Now!

Satrun signature_WW printsThere is ONLY one way to enter to win the WE ARE ALL WONDERWOMEN! Satrun Sisters Print and it COULD NOT BE EASIER… just leave a comment on this post.

Be sure to tell us who the WonderWomen are in your life!

One entry per person. Giveaway entries must be posted in the comments section below by Wednesday, August 28, 2013 at 1:00 pm (EST). One winner will be selected at random.

If selected winner does not claim prize within 30 days of being notified, a new winner will be selected.

The print is 11×17 and will ship flat.


  • jessica garlock

    All the women in my life are WonderWomen! 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    My mother is a Wonder Woman in my life 🙂

  • Jazzy Moody

    My Mum, Gran, sister and best friends are the wonder women in my life!! 🙂

  • Michele

    Definitely my daughters, and my 83 year old sister-in-law who is addicted to her iPad, and really knows how to use it!!

  • Kathy Harrison Stutzman

    My best friends and my daughter.

  • Kim

    My mom!

  • gargouille

    Wonder Women in my life…well, the editors of WYSK, of course!

  • skuchi

    So many wonder-full women in my life! I’ve been really blessed.

  • Swifty

    I have many WonderWomen in my life! My mother, whose strength, guidance, support, patience, and love has always been appreciated (though I seldom express it), “Mizz Mary” & “Bear” – two wonderful Girl Scout Camp Directors & former supervisors who have helped me grow in ways they probably wouldn’t believe, and whom I am proud to call my role models, mentors, and family. <3

  • Maevis

    i love this!! my wonderwoman is of course my mom…and maybe madonna too 🙂

  • patwky

    Each of us can be our own version of wonder woman.

  • Nancy

    My wonderwoman is my mom. She nursed her babies when NO ONE was nursing babies (’51), she raised us without gender stereotypes and got a son who was a SAHD, and a daughter who is an attorney. It never crossed my mind that I couldn’t do something because I was a “girl.” She showed us that she loved us unconditionally, but that she also loved herself and that meant she could do things for herself. At 86 she is still writing her congress people to give her opinion on many issues including breastfeeding rights and gay rights. She had a very difficult childhood, but she gave us a great one. Rock on, mom. Rock on.

  • Thea

    Wonderwoman is a title that passes to the oldest woman in the family, so in turn we had my Great Grandmother(single parent and court clerk), my Grandmother (single parent, raised on a Montana homestead and one of the first licensed women accountants in Washington State), my Mother (a Marine Corps DI and women business owner) and now me. I hope I can measure up to their high standards.

  • Sylva MC

    My mother, who went to university at the age of 60 to get her degree, my high school English teacher Mrs Ellis, a university professor and mentor who today is one of my clients, and my daughter, who every day inspires me to be a WonderWoman for her and her brother.

  • Pari Gilmour

    Julia Gillard is my Wonderwoman. I was able to be proud to be Australian for a short period of time. She is mighty tough. Things can get mean in this country. The men in power certainly know some sneaky behaviours. Julia rose above it all. What a woman!

  • Tori

    I love this poster; I would love it even more if one of the women had gray hair, or no hair at all. Blessings on the creative mind(s) that came up with it! My sisters are my heroes; here’s to ABB, GB, LBC, and their spouses!!!

  • Betsy Hodges

    My wonder women right now are 1) my mom, who taught me to speak my mind and follow my dreams 2) The Field DIrector on my campaign for Mayor, Laurel Wales, So talented, so dedicated, so devoted, and doing such a great job every day for me and the team 3) my best friend Susan, standing by me through thick and thin for the last twenty years. Twenty years this week, as a matter of fact 4) Every woman I went to college with. They sustain me through the hard days with their example of hard work and beautiful minds and creativity.

  • Mindy Spencer

    Great print. Really reminds you of the great women in your life. For me, it would have to be my grandmothers.

  • teresa

    My niece. She is a seventeen year old woman with a heart of gold. She lost her mom to Marshals syndrome on Jan 25th, 2013. She hasn’t fallen apart though…instead she has worked harder in school, and spends time helping others. She is such a blessing to everyone she meets.

  • Denisse Mendez

    Everyday, i have the privilege to work with so many incredible Wonder Womyn (WW) that it would be impossible to only name one. We are all working to together to provider the best resources and case management to other WW, pregnant and parenting teens. However, i must say that the most remarkable quality that i admire of these womyn that i encounter everyday. Is their ability to work through problems and come out the other side as more caring and empathetic individuals. The working through may not be perfect, but it is the want and willingness to do the work that makes all these women WONDERFUL!
    In Solidarity,

    <3 Denisse

  • Susan

    I am a firefighter and my wonder “women” are the strong women who paved the way for me so that I could have the opportunity to be in the awesome career of fire fighting.