Girlpants… Because Women Deserve REAL Pockets

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Girlpants is one of our favorite comics (circa April 2014) by David Willis for his Dumbing of Age webcomic series about college freshmen in a co-ed dorm at Indiana University, starring a Christian homeschooled girl and her atheist best friend.

Thanks for making us belly laugh David, and for giving our false-pocket plight a much needed voice and platform. Women deserve REAL pockets!

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  • Admiral Nissan

    That’s why real men put their hands behind the waistband.

  • lovale

    I had no idea women didn’t have real pockets. Why?

  • Dave Nielsen

    They don’t need real pockets, that’s what a purse is for – men don’t have those. Nuff said.

    • Shelly Sullivan Nuessle

      I call BS. If I had pockets (and when I do), I dont carry a purse.

      • Dave Nielsen

        I call BS. Unless you’re a giant you couldn’t fit everything that goes in a purse in your pockets.

        • Emily Tipton

          When I have pockets, all I carry is my phone, wallet, backup charger, and lip balm. When I carry my purse, I add a lighter and pocket knife.

          • Dave Nielsen

            I was with you until you said backup charger.

        • C-Alice

          Wallet, phone, keys. That’s it for me.

          • Dave Nielsen

            I call BS.

          • C-Alice

            On what basis?

          • Dave Nielsen

            No woman would be able to carry so little. Are you preparing to transition?

          • C-Alice

            Uh, nope. I’m a bit of a tomboy, I guess, but I don’t think there’s a real male hiding underneath. In fact, I’m somewhat limited in what phones I can buy because I refuse to get a phone so big that it won’t fit in my pocket, and I will not learn to have a purse dangling off my shoulder just so I can carry my phone. I don’t wear makeup, so I don’t have to carry any accoutrements for fixing my face. I run a comb through my hair and tie it up – I’ve never needed the comb after that point. I don’t even know what all else women carry in their purses. I hardly use cash, so the 3 lbs. of pocket change is also unnecessary. The only other thing is the occasional supplies for *that* time of the month. If you have real pockets, that’s no trouble either.

        • Love2000AMGlam

          You should see what some guys carry around in their pockets.

    • Theo Louk

      People don’t need real feet, thats what shoes are for. This kind of argument? Seriously? You can do better…

      • Dave Nielsen

        That’s not even close to remotely equivalent. You may in fact be retarded.

        • Ashleigh

          The reason they don’t have pockets is because it’s assumed that women would rather have a “sleek” or “slendering” look to their pants than that pesky, useful pocket. It might make the pants not lie perfectly straight against our hips or thighs. Creating *gasp* a slight bump or bulge in the fabric and thusly shattering the illusion that women are not perfect. The horror. The horror.

    • ZPT205

      If men want to carry around a small bag, there are plenty of socially acceptable ways to do so.

      If women want to use pockets instead of a bag, they’re generally out of luck.

      • Dave Nielsen

        There are no socially acceptable ways for men to do that.

        • Kithanye

          There is if people would stop forcing ridiculous gender stereotypes.

          Feminism: Not just for women.

          • Dave Nielsen

            Feminism: Not just for women.

            It’s also for emasculated “men.”

        • Ben B

          Never heard of a backpack?

          • Dave Nielsen

            A pack…for your back?! Genius!