Fix-It Friday: Ask The Expert Your Burning Questions About DIY Home Repairs

DIY home repair questions
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Because we believe that every woman should know the basics of home maintenance, each week WYSK brings you our exclusive, new editorial series, Fix-It Friday with seasoned home improvement veteran, Norma Vally (a.k.a. the Toolbelt Diva). So now is your chance to “ask the expert” anything and everything you ever wanted to know about home repairs and improvements, maintenance projects or fixes big and small.

Plumbing, electricity, walls, floors, doors, windows, kitchen, baths and more… bring it on because Norma has seen and done it all and has all the answers to share here. Your burning question may just be the “star” of an upcoming Fix-It Friday column.

fix-it-fridaySo weekend warriors, aspiring handywomen, and even seasoned DIYers we want to hear from you.

What do you want to know?

Just add your question to the comments section below or email it directly to Women You Should Know.

  • Louise Hornsby Burrell

    While remodeling our home my husband used silicone caulk everywhere! He got it on the door, trim, & baseboards. When I painted the paint did not stick to the caulk on
    these spots. Is there any way to fix these spots so paint will adhere to them when I repaint again?

    • WomenYSK

      Thanks so much for your great question! We have passed it along to Norma for her response. Stay tuned.

  • Janice Parrinello-Falconer

    I have a newer energy efficient furnace (2 years old). The problem is that the furnace is continuously circulating air even when the heat has reached the temperature setting. The furnace will stop for approx. 30 seconds after heating and then will turn on and circulate the rest of the time. The thermostat is set to “auto”. My father in law has the same problem with his furnace. I am told by friends that this is normal for the newer furnaces. Is this normal for newer furnaces? If not, what would cause this? Although the high efficiency may save me in gas, I loose with the electric bill.