Fix-It Friday: 10 Interesting Things You Should Know About Norma Vally… Our Toolbelt Diva

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This Woman You Should Know is so many things… a seasoned veteran of home repair and improvement, the former host of Discovery Home Channel’s series “Toolbelt Diva” and a show on Sirius Satellite Radio by the same name, an acclaimed author, a proud aunt, a mom to rescue kitty Dexter, an accomplished cook, and a former Girl Scout.

We’re talking about our DIY Contributor Norma Vally, who each week in her WYSK Fix-It Friday column helps empower our readers and inspire women to take on home repairs and maintenance projects with confidence and gusto.

Norma_GSShe makes gut renovations look easy, she gets a charge from electrical problems, she knows how to keep a house humming, she thrives on getting her hands dirty, she uses her brain and brawn to get the job done, and she can whip up a 5-star, 5-course meal with her eyes closed.

Beyond all that, and in honor of her birthday, here are 10 interesting things you should know about Norma Vally… the “Toolbelt Diva”!

She learned to drive a stick shift in a drag racing car when she was 16 (now she drives a tractor)


Born and raised to an Italian family in Brooklyn, New York, she’s fluent in… French!


She was a professional singer in France, and toured with Pascal Obispo, a huge French pop star, circa the early 90s (they were the opening band for the French leg of UB40’s World Tour)


She was a Grand Marshal in the 2008 Columbus Day Parade in New York City for the Port Authority Police Columbia Association

Norma_Grand Marshall

She was presented with a “Norma ‘Toolbelt Diva’ Vally Day” Proclamation by Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz


Her heart is as big as her personality… Norma is an active supporter of the Boot Campaign

Norma_Boot Campaign

She is the proud owner of hand-painted, custom-made, construction-themed “Toolbelt Diva” shoes by Hourglass Footwear… the only pair of its kind, in the entire world… and she rocks them as well as she rocks her steel-toed work boots

Norma Shoes 6

Her first job was as a summer camp counselor working with kids under age 6


Her second job was working at Orange Julius making hot dogs and shakes at the Kings Plaza Mall in Brooklyn

Norma_orange julius

Her third job was working in a lumber yard in Brooklyn at 18 before college (now she builds decks)


It would be next to impossible to fill Norma’s accomplished steel-toed work boots (or heels or sandals)! She is one of the coolest women we know.


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Fix-It Friday is an exclusive Women You Should Know® editorial series authored by seasoned veteran of home improvement, Norma Vally, the former host of Discovery Home Channel’s series “Toolbelt Diva” and a show on Sirius Satellite Radio by the same name. The weekly column is designed to inspire women – weekend warriors, aspiring handywomen, and even seasoned DIYers – to take on home repairs and maintenance projects with confidence and gusto.


  • Jean B.

    Loved reading about Norma! I am a huge fan.

    • Norma

      Thanks so much, Jean B.! FYI your hardwood flooring question was answered today!!!
      Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Jean B.

    I loved hearing all of these things about my favorite fixer-upper diva!! And she is from Brooklyn!!! You are a very cool person, Norma.

    • Norma

      Thanks so much Jean! You’re a dear!