Here’s What Feminism Looks Like… According To Stock Photos

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Like most digital media outlets and editorial sites, WYSK often relies on stock photos from 3rd party suppliers to illustrate the visual messages of some of our posts and articles. Here’s how it works… you plug in a keyword(s) and the stock photo company spits back pages and pages of images that match your search, which you can then license for use.

In looking for stock photos to use in a piece we ran yesterday – Defining Feminism, by 17 year old WYSK Contributor Mary Dwyer – we hit up our main stock photography source and entered the word “feminism” into the keyword search. We got 17 pages back, almost 340 photos in total, and not a one that was useable.

Why? Because here’s what feminism looks like… according to stock photos (and these are just the highlights).

PS – Notice the recurring themes: violence, dominance, complete absurdities, etc.

Shaving… our faces

Girl shaving in bathroom

Being psycho…

feminism (8)

Being trashy…

feminism (1)

Having male friends for dinner… with a nice chianti

feminism (14)

Self loathing…

feminism (2)

Binding and gagging men…

Businesswoman With a Captive Businessman - Isolated

Being an oreivore… we eat metal???

feminism (7)

Selling our vaginas to the highest bidder…

Woman manifest

Getting foot massages from male co-workers…

feminism (5)

Having pathetic construction skills…

Woman with hammer and spike

Wearing high heels for any and all activities…

feminism (11)

Being infantile…

Bunny Girl Holding Lollipop


feminism (12)