Feel Your Boobies And Get To Know Your Normal

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While we all wait with bated breasts for the possible future release (they claim 2014) of the early breast cancer detection “Smart Bra”, let’s be sure to use our time AND our hands wisely ladies. So right here, right now, we want you to cop a feel and get to know your own breasts. We’re not trying to be silly or crass… just supporting the important, potentially lifesaving, mission of our friends at Boobies Central, who just rolled out their 8th annual Feel Your Boobies® campaign.

Feel Your Boobies® is so much more than a chuckle inducing slogan. It’s a call to action that reminds women, especially women under 40 (pre-mammogram age), about a proactive breast health habit that can increase the chances of early detection. According to the campaign site, research shows that simply “feeling your boobies” (aka “breast awareness”) is just as effective at identifying lumps or other breast changes as the traditional step-by-step process of “breast self-exams”.

Feel Your Boobies Week 2012What they’re telling us is that there’s no need to get super fancy and formal all the time. Rather, just have a good, solid feel of yourself every so often so you know what is normal for your breasts. You can do it whenever you want and as the Feel Your Boobies site explains, it’s easy: use the pads of your fingers, press firmly all over and don’t forget to examine the collarbone and underarm area. Be sure to pay attention to lumps or thickening, and be on the lookout for puckering, inflammation or nipple discharge. The more you do it, the better equipped you’ll be to notice any changes as soon as they occur, which you can then run by your doctor ASAP.

One of the many things we truly love about the Feel Your Boobies® campaign is the inspiring story and Woman You Should Know behind it. It debuted in 2004 after its Founder, Leigh Hurst, was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33. She found her lump simply by “feeling her boobies”, not through a formal self-breast exam. What started as a few fun t-shirts Leigh designed to remind her friends to “feel their boobies”, quickly evolved into a meaningful and far reaching campaign. Today, the campaign is executed under the umbrella of the Feel Your Boobies Foundation, a non-profit breast cancer organization that focuses 100% on using media and other unexpected & unconventional methods to spread this life saving message to young women.

More About Woman You Should Know Leigh Hurst:

leigh hurstLeigh’s breast cancer diagnosis seemed to come from out of nowhere. Having been an avid runner & triathlete and having no family history of the disease, the words “breast cancer” rarely even crossed her mind. But after feeling a lump in her breast that was undetected by doctors and finding out two years later that this lump was, in fact, cancer (Stage 1), Leigh realized that truly anyone is at risk of developing breast cancer and that being in touch with your body can help ensure an early diagnosis and possibly save your life.

Following her diagnosis in 2004, Leigh went on to marry a childhood sweetheart in 2008. In 2011, after finishing 5 years of Tamoxifen and at the age of 40, Leigh gave birth to her first son Eli and had baby #2 in August 2012 at the age of 42. Her story is not only an inspiration to young women facing breast cancer, but to anyone facing a challenge in their life. To read more about Leigh’s story visit SaySomethingBig.com.

  • JA

    I just did it! Thanks for the reminder.

  • Millie

    This is a great reminder for all women. I have never really been a “feel your boobies” person. I know I should be, but it just wasn’t something that I regularly thought to do. Recently a lesion was found in my breast, and I underwent surgery to have it removed. The surgery went very well. After the surgery, I decided that I should begin to “feel my boobies” so I could get to know them better. To my surprise, I found that there was a small lump where none had been prior to the surgery. I saw my doctor and told her about it and that I was very concerned because suddenly I had a lump where none had been. She immediately took a sonogram and told me that it was just fluid from the surgery and would dissipate shortly. The point of my story is that unless I had “felt my boobies” I would not have found that lump. Even though it turned out to be just fluid, at least now I can rest assured that it is nothing else. I’m going to “feel my boobies” from now on!!

    • WYSK

      Thanks for sharing your very personal story Millie! We’re so glad to hear you are in good health.

      We know our friends at Boobies Central will be thrilled to hear you took matters into your own hands, so to speak, and brought the lump you found to your doctors attention.