The Facekini: China’s Hottest Beach Trend

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Artist Peng Yangjun, co-creative director and editor of China’s leading lifestyle magazine, The Outlook, has been documenting a growing fashion craze along Eastern China’s beaches… the “facekini”. No that’s not a typo.

First introduced about a decade ago, more and more women, who are regular swimmers in the ocean, have been donning these bizarre protective face masks in order to maintain “a natural complexion” and to repel insects and jellyfish.

So if you loathe slathering on the sunscreen, the facekini just may be the your new must-have accessory for the summer. We think we’ll stick to the beach umbrella… but to each her own!





You can check out more photos here.

  • gargouille

    This is confusing. How come, in an entire decade, they could never improve on the look of these things? Surely there’s a way to make it look less like a bathing cap that got stretched down the whole face…?! Maybe attached to a wetsuit it would be less alarming…