Everpurse: The Smart Bag That Charges Your Smart Phone

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If you are a woman who is constantly “connected”, then you’ve likely found yourself out of juice at THE WORST possible moments. But the answer to your battery draining habit may be as simple as a purse. Not any old purse… one that just happens to be as smart as your phone. It’s called Everpurse.

Launched in September 2012 by WYSK Elizabeth Ormesher Salcedo, a social worker, and her husband Dan, a serial technology entrepreneur and prototyping enthusiast, Everpurse is the first bag with a patent pending built-in docking system that charges your phone “twice” before the purse itself needs to be recharged. Here’s how it works:


The 8.5″ x 7″ clutch style bag is just the right size… ample enough to use on its own, but small enough to toss into your existing bag. The tech meets fashion accessory is offered in a number of color/pattern options in premium leather, fabric, and basic leather with prices ranging from $189.00 – $329.00.

Could one argue that it’s far more inexpensive to just remember to charge your phone? Yes… but we all know that a full charge doesn’t guarantee a full day of battery life, especially for those who have their phones fused to their hands. And even if you happen to have a traditional cable charger along for your daily adventures, you need an electrical outlet for it to be of any use.

With the new iPhone 5s costing $199 – $399, the prices for Everpurse, a bag with built in brains and beauty, don’t seem that out of whack. Just think of it as an investment into your digital addiction… err lifestyle.

Everpurse in bag

  • gargouille

    Very 21st century. When I make it into the modern world and get a smart phone, I’ll make sure my bag is an intellectual match!

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