Emily Vs. Sandy: One Woman’s Life Saving Tweets Help New Yorkers Weather Storm

FDNY Social Media Manager Emily Rahimi
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As Sandy pummeled New York City and its over 8,200,000 residents with her high winds and more water than the metropolis has ever seen, the Fire Department of New York had a secret weapon on their emergency response team. Her name is Emily Rahimi. She alone helped countless New Yorkers over the course of 24 stormy hours, armed with nothing more than her keyboard and the @FDNY Twitter profile.

Yahoo! News revealed Emily to be the one-woman, social media machine behind the all-important, info packed tweets being sent across the official Twitter feed of the FDNY during the epic storm.

Working from Monday straight into Tuesday morning, Emily, a seven-year veteran of the FDNY, single-handedly tweeted out critical information to New Yorkers from @FDNY as Sandy continued to flood and cripple large sections of the most populous city in the US. Her proactive, “140 characters or less” messages also included updates from Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Additionally, Emily fielded incoming tweets directed to @FDNY, receiving and responding to cries for help from distressed people unable to access a phone to dial 911 or unable to get through to the emergency help line. They turned to the Fire Department’s Twitter account to communicate their emergencies and “call” for help. Fortunately, Emily was there monitoring it all. She promptly relayed any tweeted emergencies to a 911 dispatch agent and “helped serve as a much-needed voice of support while victims of the storm waited for help to arrive.”

To Emily, this was probably just another day on the job. To us, it makes her a Woman You Should Know.

  • Jean B.

    Emily is definitely a WYSK!

  • Rachel

    Of all the horrors this storm has brought to our beloved city, there are many heroes to applaud… Emily is certainly one of them.

  • gargouille

    Maybe the most important sound bites in the ether on that day!