Eat A Snickers, Unhook A Bra

New Snickers Ad
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Last week, we shared our thoughts on Frito-Lay’s ridiculous new marketing campaign for its “man hunger” satisfying Ruffles Ultimate potato chips. But this week, the Mars Inc. candy company is coming in at a close second with this new ad, which visually implies that if a man is hungry he won’t have the bedroom skills necessary to even get to “first base”, unless he eats a Snickers bar. AMAZING… we had no idea that A) men could get so hungry that their fingers no longer work and/or turn into boxing gloves and that B) the best lovers are those who consume candy bars right before getting down to business… so be sure to keep a stash of Snickers (and condoms) by your bedside at all times ladies. If only Seinfeld was still on the air!

We like how ADWEEK summed up the apparent hidden benefits to men of not being hungry, “Eating a Snickers bar not only keeps you from being Joe Pesci – it also improves your fine motor skills, which are so essential to removing a woman’s bra safely and effectively. As they say: Snickers really satisfies!”

We’ll say it again… not sure whether to laugh or cry at the ridiculousness of it all!

  • Dajuitsi

    One thing that is overlooked, because of being overshadowed by the onslaught of criticism of how women are portrayed in the media and through advertising, is that men are not real men unless they do, A, B, & C.

    Many take issue with the unrealistic, Photoshopped photgraphy and ultra thin women pushed on the consumer as an unattainable ideal… What about the ideal way to achieve manhood in our media? Drink beer, get a fancy car, drink manly tequila, take blue pills, get the girls, eat massive amounts of “man” food, be wealthy, wear the proper suit… And be labeled Metrosexual if you don’t adhere to the “manly traditions” of not grooming any more than showering… Etc.

    I absolutely adore a site (which based on the title you would think would be ultra feminist) that is bringing this to the publics attention. It is nice to see intellectual honesty in the form of presenting the ridiculous on both sides and being consistent.

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  • Razor Ron LaFalce

    This explains why JIMMY FALLON (at) SOLE MY SNICKER BAR! 🙂
    “James you naughty horny teenager?”Razor Ron LaFalce

  • Razor Ron LaFalce


    Once upon a time, 20 years ago(1993): The Jimmy Fallon

    There once was a young college kid who I met one day and he explained
    to me that he wasn’t very happy going to college. He really wanted to do
    stand-up comedy. He said his idol was Adam Sandler. He seemed to be a nice
    clean-cut, drug-free guy and I got a good vibe from him. It just so happed, by
    chance, I knew of an audition the very next morning for comedy sketch pilot. A
    friend of mine with a lot of connections was the producer of the pilot. The
    college kid said that sounded great, however, he wasn’t from this area and had
    no idea where the audition was and that he was on college budget and had no car.
    Not normally my nature, I offered this stranger a ride to the audition the next
    morning. He wrote down directions to his dormitory and said he would be ready.
    The next morning I was in a rush to go to work, but remembered my promise to
    this kid. So I finally found his place and beeped my horn.Then, I beeped my horn
    again. No college kid. Maybe this kid forgot? Thought he met a crazy guy? I
    don’t know, but decided to give him one more chance and went and knocked on his
    door. The door opens and the college kid was still in his boxers and t-shirt,
    “Oh yeah, the audition!” He rushed to get ready and we hurriedly drove to the
    were 200 people already signed in on the clip board. Crammed in a small house in
    Troy, NY I decided to wait with him. Then my friend who was the producer walked
    in. He looked around, seen me and came over me. He said,” hey Ron!, you came to
    audition?… I said,” No, not me, Donald. I bought a friend the that I would
    like to introduce to you. Mr. Metzner, I would like you to meet
    Jimmy , he goes to St. Rose College and he wants to be a comedian. “Nice to meet
    you Jimmy, any friend of Razor Ron is friend of mine.” Jimmy
    was first by-passed, but was re-considered to stay on as writer. My producer
    friend Donald Metzner, stepped in and asked the director to
    give Jimmy a second look….and the rest is history for Jimmy

    That summer of 1994 , Donald Metzner put Razor Ron and Jimmy Fallon
    in a commercial together, featuring the “7-up Guy”: late Jamaican actor
    Geoffrey Holder. It was Jimmy’s first TV appearance. Jimmy quit
    college and was sent to California by Metzner and Peter
    Iselin ( founder of Metroland Magazine) to pursue his dreams and bring
    to our world his magical talent to make us laugh.

    He is now best friends with Adam Sandler. Since then, I never seen or
    heard from Jimmy again.


    Razor Ron LaFalce