Drink It And Wear It… Clothes Made From Milk

Anke Domaske_ Qmilch
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Woman You Should Know Anke Domaske, a former microbiology student turned fashion designer from Germany, has created a new type of all-natural fabric made from a milk protein. Called Qmilch, a hybrid of the word “quality” and the German word for milk, the fabric is said to feel as luxurious as silk and can be washed. Apparently, it’s also good for our health: the milk protein Anke starts with contains amino acids that are antibacterial and anti-aging and the fabric also helps to regulate body temperature and blood circulation. Her idea, which came to her after watching her stepfather suffer with skin problems while undergoing cancer treatment, earned Anke the innovation award from Germany’s Textile Research Association. The organization recognized Qmilch as a sustainable fiber that can change the clothing manufacturing industry.

Want to know more? Watch an in-depth CNN video about Qmilch and Anke here.

  • Anne

    This new fabric looks like and feels like silk, and can be washed? Wow, I would really be interested in having a blouse or a dress made from it. The clothes shown at the end of the video seem to drape really nicely. If it feels as good as silk against the body, then I’m all for it. The video compared the cost of the production of Qmilch to cotton. If it looks and feels like silk, then why not compare the cost to a really good silk?

  • gargouille

    Incredible! I just hope the don’t start doing nasty things to cows to get them to produce more of the raw material…

  • Falon Bochniak

    I was really excited about this and interested in finding out how much the fiber would be to purchase in order to knit with it- but when I went to the website and saw the photo on the homepage, I lost all interest. WHY is it necessary to advertise this product using every cliche and offensive strategy known to man? So incredibly disappointing.