Dove Shows Us How Women See Themselves [VIDEO]

Dove image - Florence
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Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful. In an effort to wake us up and remind us that beauty should be a source of confidence for women, not anxiety, Dove conducted this compelling social experiment that explores how women view their own beauty in contrast to what others see.

On Monday, they released the video Dove Real Beauty Sketches. Seven women were recruited by the brand to sit behind a curtain and describe themselves to FBI-trained forensic artist Gil Zamora, who creates a composite sketch of them based on descriptions of their own facial features. They are then introduced to other people who in turn, describe the person to Zamora. Zamora then sketches a version based on that description.

The women are then shown the two versions of the sketches.

Now that we have the evidence that the phrase “we are our own worst critics” is true, what are we going to do about it?

For the extended version of the video, click here.

  • Mary

    This video brought a lump to my throat. It is so very sad to actually be able to visually see how we perceive ourselves. All of these women were beautiful, yet all of the sketches made from their own descriptions did not depict them as they are seen. The sketches made from the strangers’ descriptions looked so much more like each of them. Mr. Zamora is an incredible sketch artist. With just a few questions and answers from strangers he was able to show the women how truly beautiful they are. Will we ever learn not to be so hard on ourselves?

  • Lily

    We really are our very own worst enemies. I think it’s so sad, because it really hits home. If women are to “lean in” and expect to get equal pay and equal opportunity, we have to start loving ourselves the way we are and recognize our own unique beauty. It is this confidence that will bring success. I take the pledge to try and change my inner dialogue!

  • gargouille

    I just sketched myself in my head using criticism I often make of myself when I look at myself in the mirror and could see how terrible it would look on paper. Sobering exercise. What’s scary is that I bet if we plucked a bunch out of women out of fashion magazines it would happen to them, too. No one is immune.

  • Dejuitsi

    …And it is a really well done piece of film making. Definitely watch the full length version.