Denim Goes Social… Update Your Status While Updating Your Look

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We are officially heading into the world of denim, 2.0. Long gone are the days of finding your perfect pair of jeans based just on fit, cut or wash, now you can add social media status to the list of features. So, if you are one of those people that can’t wait the few minutes it takes to update your social status on Facebook or Twitter via your smartphone or tablet, these new “Social Denim” jeans by Italian brand Replay, are made just for you.

The jeans, available in December, will feature a fifth pocket, made of vinyl, which will hold a Bluetooth transmitter that communicates with your iPhone or Android smartphone. Download the dedicated Replay app and you can use one of a series of buttons to update friends on your current location or “happiness level” instantly. The “happiness level” feature will include eight different moods to choose from, ranging from super happy to not so super happy.

Expected to sell for over $200, it’s a good thing your jeans will also help you score some deals. If you happen to be wearing your pair of “Social Denim” jeans while near a Replay retail store, the app will send you notifications about discounts and sales, rewarding your social addiction. So, if you wear them enough, they may actually be able to pay for themselves!

These jeans are a sure fire sign that our society’s obsession with social media has seriously crossed the line to codependency. Socially savvy denim… a sign of the times.

  • Caffeine Free

    I am truly, truly terrified.

  • Millie

    Not only have we become addicted to electronic gadgets and social media, now they are taking over our clothes too!!! Next they will become part our PJs and nightgowns! Solitude and thinking by oneself have become a thing of the past. Awful!

  • Hawaii_40

    Now instead of brain tumors, we’ll all get hip tumors. Nice!

  • Lily

    What woman would carry a bulky phone in her front pocket anyway? I rather have a device that helps me find my phone in my pocketbook! That would be progress.