Deformed Freak Born Without Male Genitalia

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In an alarming case that has baffled and repulsed many, sources confirmed Tuesday that a severely deformed freak born without a penis has managed to live with the condition for over 26 years.

According to reports, the bizarre, monstrous human specimen’s quality of life has been greatly diminished due to such a condition. Sources said the abnormal, visibly blemished creature has been repeatedly passed over for employment opportunities, frequently gawked at and harassed on the street by total strangers, and has faced near constant discrimination for over two decades, all due to the horrific and debilitating birth defect.

Go to the ONION to read the full story…

  • gargouille

    Great! And so true for so many different kinds of people deemed deficient or abnormal. Just saw a terrific movie about the current struggle of an intersex kid who is not “assigned” at birth. We meet her at the moment she hits puberty. Not a documentary, but an Argentinian feature starring the amazing Ricardo Darin: XXY. Really good. Really thought-provoking.