Decorative Sick Bags… A Cure For A Royal Case Of Nausea

Royal Morning Sickness Sick Bags_Lydia Leith
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‘Tis the season when a large portion of the world is waiting in anxious anticipation for the birth of a very special baby. While you’re probably thinking we’re talking about the Baby Jesus, sadly we’re not. It’s the in utero “Royal Baby” of Prince William and Kate Middleton that seems to have the world in an inexplicable frenzy. We just don’t get the gluttonous fascination or the gross intrusion of their privacy… frankly it all has us a little nauseated. So, we’re thankful to have found Royal Morning Sickness Sick Bags, the tongue-in-cheek creation of Woman You Should Know Lydia Leith.

The London based, 27 year old, British graphic artist, designed the Royal Morning Sickness Sick Bags as a creative way to share her lighthearted commentary on the public’s maddening obsession with all-things-royal. In this case, Kate’s pregnancy as the latest object of global fixation.

According to the Washington Post, “Thanks to the proliferation of social media platforms, Prince William’s and the Duchess of Cambridge’s first child will be the most tweeted-about, blogged-about and photographed royal baby in history.”

Lydia Leith_Sick BagsIf the super-sized portions of unnecessary, gestational information and “baby bump watch” alerts the world has been force fed in just the past week (Kate’s pregnancy was announced December 3rd) is any indication of what is to come over the next 6 months and beyond, we believe this Washington Post stat to already be true. But, having barely recovered from the play-by-play media coverage of Will and Kate’s 2011 Royal Wedding, we’re not sure how much Royal Baby talk we can take before we hurl from over consumption of “news”, to use the term lightly. With that in mind, Lydia’s Royal Morning Sickness Sick Bags may just come in handy.

As shown above, there is a pink and a blue version of the Royal Morning Sickness Sick Bags (copyright 2012), which are screen printed in the UK and hand signed by Lydia herself. The cost is £3.00 or roughly $5.00 each.

Lydia’s Sick Bag Collection

Themed, decorative sick bags have become a signature part of Lydia’s body of work. In fact, it was her Royal Wedding Sick Bags from 2011 that kicked-off the whole craze. She designed them to capitalize on people’s collective exhaustion of Royal Wedding mania and they took off. According to, “…the tchotchke became one of the most popular swag pieces related to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s nuptials.” Her sick bag collection has since expanded to include other nausea inducing events, themes and topics.

Lydia Leith Decorative Sick Bags

Lydia was recently commissioned by the site to design sick bags surrounding the French elections. A U.S. version of election sick bags would have been a useful accessory this past November… for both parties.

  • gargouille

    Can they distribute them to the world-wide adoring crowd so that when the charm of the child wears off but the media doesn’t we all have somewhere to direct the cookies we’ll chuck? I’m already frightened for this child’s well-being…