This Company Received Bic “For Her” Pens As A Gift For International Women’s Day… Hilarity Ensues

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Remember those BIC For Her pens that the company introduced in 2012? You know the ones that are pink and purple, because apparently women can’t write with non-gendered pens? Well, Innocent, a UK-based company that makes smoothies, juices and other healthy stuff, received a box of these BIC For Her pens as a gift… to celebrate International Women’s Day.

The staff at Innocent were so bowled over by the thoughtful present that they took to Facebook to share their joy and appreciation.

After the company posted this response, the internet took over. The comments, and Innocent’s responses to peoples comments are golden. Because we love sharing things that make us laugh, here are just a few of our favorites…







You can read more here.

  • Tara

    Thank God we all have a sense of humor!!

  • canaduck

    Well now I love Innocent even more!

  • Charles

    How funny when Innocent belongs to Coca-Cola Enterprise, which markets its most famous product for women (Coca-Cola Light) and for men (Coca-Cola Zero) in the least subtle way possible.

    • Nyx25

      it never occured to me that Zero was for men xD and I’m a girl, I guess I missed my lesson on daintiness and femininity at church! darn it! >.<

      (quite frankly, I always liked the Zero design better. Light always reminded me to a cheap beer)

  • Winifred

    These have to bee some of the best responses to misogynistic idiocy I’ve seen in a while 👏👏👏

    • Jessica Murlock

      The comments themselves are meant to be tongue-in-cheek. How far we’ve fallen as a society when we can’t recognize obvious sarcasm!

      • Sirilicious

        I’m pretty sure she meant the Bic pens are misogynistic idiocy.

        • Jessica Murlock

          No. It’s pretty obvious sarcasm. I’m sorry you’re not bright enough to realize that.

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  • Jayne Martin

    Hysterical! Thank you for the belly laughs. And to think, BIC was only trying to do something nice and sweet for the gals. *sigh

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  • zakmatt

    Moral of the story… people are dicks.

  • R.T. Flakfizer

    It reads like an SNL sketch- basically the same joke painfully extended to last much too long.

  • Ellen Pilot

    I Like the Pilot pen.

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