Comedy Trio Delivers Killer Lip Sync Montage Covering 8 Decades Of Music… In A Car

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Buckle up for a hilarious ride, as Shae-Lee, Lana and Madison, the cheeky and bold comedy trio known as SketchSHE, lip syncs their way through 8 decades of music (1941 – 2015), complete with costume changes… all from the confines of a car!

They cover snippets of hits from The Andrews Sisters, Elvis, The Beatles, Queen, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Nirvana, Snoop Dogg, Britney Spears, Eminem, Beyonce, Gotye, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and Miley Cyrus, while rockin’ the coolest era specific, song appropriate, and music video replicating get-ups.

  • Tara

    Very clever and very funny! I wonder how long it took to make this video.

  • Amy Luna Manderino

    How sad! Are these women totally unaware that they’ve bought into the men as subjects/women as objects gender binary framing of our music industry? Way more male characters represented that female artists and all the female characters where porny. Eeeeewwwww. Have these women never heard of the great female singer songwriters of history that wrote award-winning songs about something other than sex? And including Slim Shady??!?!?! Really!?!??!?! They should read this article by the amazing gender educator Jackson Katz on why Eminem’s popularity is a “disaster for women.” Just because these are three female artists doesn’t mean their work should appear on this website, particularly if they are promoting sexist stereotypes and misogynist artists. Sorry, Women You Should Know, epic fail here.