Chiara Clemente Takes You Back To The “Beginnings”

Chiara Clemente
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This past week, the second season of Sundance Channel’s documentary series, “Beginnings” premiered. Directed by Chiara Clemente, “Beginnings” is a series of short films that celebrate creative individuals and their early inspirations. The first season of shorts featured creative icons from New York City, including designer Carolina Herrera, artist Yoko Ono, and photographer, Mario Sorrenti among them. Clemente’s new series “Beginnings: Paris”, takes a look at the creative process of five Parisians, including actress-musician Charlotte Gainsbourg, shoe designer Christian Louboutin, perfumer Frederic Malle, film director and cartoonist Marjane Satrapi, and bookseller of Shakespeare & Co., Sylvia Whitman.

As the daughter of famed artist Francesco Clemente, Chiara’s curiosity about creativity began at a young age. In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Clemente shares “My beginning began at a very young age. I had the good fortune of having my grandfather, very involved in my life – especially in the summers when my family would go to Italy. I got to have endless bedtime stories told to me by him that were a mixture of his war memories – because he had been in World War II – as well as some fairy tales and some very vivid visuals. This led me to start telling my own stories. Then one day when I was 12, I wanted to tell stories in a more visual way, so I asked for a high 8 video camera for Christmas and that day I started filming and I’ve never stopped.”

Our WYSK team loves a great film and maybe even a little bit more – a great pair of shoes! So, without further ado here’s a sneak peek at Chiara Clemente’s delightful short on Christian Louboutin, the man responsible for creating some serious obsession worthy shoes.

  • JA

    I never knew the origin of the red sole on Louboutins…. I sort of love the concept more now that I know that it all came from a bottle of red nail polish.

  • TQ451

    It’s really interesting to hear the story behind how someone got to where they are… it brings the people who are considered titans and giants of industry down to mere mortal status, which is inspiring to me.

  • Cara

    I have always loved his shoes. Now I love them more because I know a little more about the man behind the shoes!