Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

October 13, 2015 by

Today is Ada Lovelace Day, a global celebration designed to shine a giant, deserving spotlight on the achievements of inspiring women in science, technology, engineering and math... past and present! Held every year since 2009 on the second Tuesday of October, the aim of this day is to create new role models for girls and women in these male-dominated fields by raising the profile of other women in STEM. It ... [Read More]

Wogrammer: A Project Founded By Two Facebook Employees Highlighting Amazing Women Engineers

September 1, 2015 by

“You can’t be what you can’t see.” That’s what Sheryl Sandberg said in a Facebook post about Wogrammer, a project that celebrates women who work in the tech community, highlighting their accomplishments, not just their gender. Erin Summers and Zainab Ghadiyali, two engineers at Facebook, ... [Read More]

5-Year-Old Hailey Dawson Throws Out First Pitch With 3D-Printed Robotic Hand

August 20, 2015 by

5-year-old Hailey Dawson, a huge baseball fan, got to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Baltimore Orioles' series finale against the Oakland Athletics on Monday. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for anyone, let alone a young kid, but what made Hailey's pitch even more extraordinary was what she used to throw the ball to the Orioles' Manny Machado. ... [Read More]

Summer reading

The Easiest Way To Find What Book You Should Read Next

June 2, 2015 by

If you are like us, we are always looking for a great new book, and with summer just around the corner, we’ve been on the search for some recommendations. The mass amount of summer reading lists recently released have us feeling well, a bit overwhelmed. And although crowd-sourcing on social media sometimes yields decent results, ... [Read More]

Samsung Camera Phone Mode PERFECT-ly Captures Ugly Influence Of The Beauty Ideal

March 24, 2015 by

None of us are Samsung Galaxy users, so we were blissfully in the dark about the smartphone's "Beauty Face" camera mode until we read this piece by Chris Stokel-Walker for Medium. The 25-year-old writer recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Ace 4, and discovered its built-in and automatic - yes automatic - ... [Read More]

Play Tampon Run On The Run: Teen Coders Take Menstruation Stigma Video Game Mobile

February 10, 2015 by

"Although the concept of the video game may be strange, it’s stranger that our society has accepted and normalized guns and violence through video games, yet we still find tampons and menstruation unspeakable." NYC high school students Andrea Gonzales (16) and Sophie Houser (17) met last summer at Girls Who Code, ... [Read More]

Digital Dorothy… Just Tap Your Heels Together Three Times And She’ll Make Your Phone Do Cool Stuff

October 23, 2014 by

Have you ever been stuck in an awkward situation, praying your phone would ring so you could politely extract yourself? Of course you have. That’s why a team of creative inventors at iStrategyLabs made Dorothy, part physical device (a.k.a. "Ruby") and part mobile App that work together to "make any dumb shoe smart." ... [Read More]

The Evolution Of The Desk (1980 – 2014)… Cool Time Lapse Video Shows How Technology Has Transformed Personal Office Space

September 30, 2014 by

BestReviews, a company incubated out of the Harvard Innovation Lab, has encapsulated this history of technology, as it relates to the office, in this time lapse video, The Evolution Of The Desk, "demonstrating the steep shift from cork boards and fax machines to Pinterest and PDFs." ... [Read More]