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It’s National Bicycle Month: Meet The First Woman To Bicycle Around The World

May 16, 2016 by

May is National Bicycle Month, which was established by the League of American Bicyclists to celebrate the power of the bicycle, and to promote overall bicycle safety education. For more than a century, the bicycle has been an important part of the lives of many Americans, and has had a significant cultural effect on our society, ... [Read More]


10 Things You Should Know About “America’s First Lady Of The Air” Harriet Quimby

May 11, 2016 by

Harriet Quimby (May 11, 1875 - July 1, 1912) was many things during her short-lived life: an accomplished journalist, a photographer, and most notably a pioneering aviator. In fact, she was the first American woman to become a licensed pilot, the first woman to fly the English Channel, and is considered by some to have been the most influential pilot of her time. In honor of ... [Read More]


Anna Jarvis Came To Loathe The Holiday She Fought To Establish… Meet The Mother Of Mother’s Day

May 6, 2016 by

Although President Woodrow Wilson gets all the credit for putting Mother’s Day on our national holiday calendar 102 years ago in 1914, the day was already being championed nine years earlier by Woman You Should Know Anna Jarvis. ... [Read More]


Capt. Kristen Griest, One Of 1st Women To Earn Ranger Tab, Makes U.S. Army History Again

April 28, 2016 by

In August 2015, Capt. Kristen Griest and 1st Lt. Shaye Haver were the first women ever to successfully complete U.S. Army Ranger School, considered "one of the toughest training courses for which a soldier can volunteer," and subsequently became the first women to earn the prestigious Ranger tab. Today, ... [Read More]


It’s Earth Day… Meet Rachel Carson, The Woman Who Inspired Modern Environmentalism In 1962

April 22, 2016 by

Today marks the 46th anniversary of Earth Day, a campaign created in 1970 to "force environmental protection onto the national political agenda." It has since grown to be a movement that is credited as "the largest civic event in the world, celebrated simultaneously around the globe." More than a billion people participate ... [Read More]


147 Years Ago Today These Extraordinary Women Spoke Up For Animals When No One Else Would

April 14, 2016 by

In the late 1800s, the treatment of animals was not a topic of concern or conversation. Animals were considered utilitarian, and consequently, inhumane treatment was commonplace. But a small group of extraordinary women, led by Caroline Earle White, raised their voices to fight animal cruelty in the ... [Read More]


Ahead Of The Game: Ancient Roman Girl Athletes

April 11, 2016 by

By Elizabeth C. Goldsmith - When I was a girl in high school back in the ‘60s, the only team sports available to me were swimming and field hockey. By the time my sister hit high school they had added Cinderella softball and Powder-Puff football. After Title IX, things changed. That’s the modern history of women’s sports. These thoughts returned to me on a recent trip to Sicily, ... [Read More]


Baseball’s Other Jackie… The Girl Who Struck Out Babe Ruth And Lou Gehrig

April 2, 2016 by

85 years ago today, April 2, 1931, 17-year-old southpaw Jackie Mitchell, the second woman to play baseball in the all-male minor leagues, pitched an exhibition game against the NY Yankees and struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, the most feared hitting duo in baseball history, back to back. The next day, the Baseball Commissioner voided her contract, claiming ... [Read More]