A Cheat Sheet For The Real-Life Women Featured In Lumberjanes Comic Series

January 29, 2015 by

By John Marcotte - Lumberjanes is easily one of the best all-ages books to come to comic-book stores in ages. And while anyone can read it, it has special importance for young girls. It shows girls that they can be the hero of the story and that it is OK to be different — without ever getting ... [Read More]


Trait Tracer: Woman Morphs Into Eight Relatives For Cool Family Resemblance Photo Project

January 20, 2015 by

Rachael Rifkin, a 26-year-old ghostwriter and personal historian, helps turn other people's memories into beautiful, well-written stories. She also writes a blog about the traits we inherit and the qualities we find only in ourselves. Rachael recently noticed she has a lot more in common with her family than she thought. So she ... [Read More]


From The Internet Archive: The Delightful “Diary Of A Little Girl In Old New York”

January 14, 2015 by

Internet Archive, a non-profit library offering access to more than 13 million books, movies, music and more, recently posted the Diary of a Little Girl in Old New York. The book is the 1849-1850 diary of Catherine Elizabeth Havens, a precocious ten year old girl from a prominent family in New York City. ... [Read More]


Meet Melba Liston… Self-Taught Trombone Great And Unsung Hero Of The Jazz Genre

January 13, 2015 by

By Nicole Williams Sitaraman - Melba Liston was a trombone player who was nothing less than a force of nature. In addition to being sought after for her second-to-none slide playing, she became widely revered for her jazz arrangements and compositions. She is, without question, one of the unsung heroes of the jazz genre. ... [Read More]


Fannie Merritt Farmer: Your Recipes Turn Out Exactly Right Because Of This Cookbook Pioneer

January 7, 2015 by

Prior to the 20th century, if you decided to whip up a dish using a recipe, all bets were off as to how it would turn out. That’s because back then, ingredients lists were estimates, offering no levels of accuracy, and guaranteeing inconsistent results. But 119 years ago today, on January 7, 1896, that all changed when ... [Read More]


Photographer Replicates Portraits Of Seven Generations Of Women In Her Family Using Herself As The Model

January 2, 2015 by

Last fall, Christine McConnell, a Los Angeles based photographer and stylist, wowed us with images of her deliciously disturbing, creepy confections (she's also a self-taught baker). So it's no surprise that when the multi-talented WYSK decided to connect with her past and trace her familial roots, ... [Read More]

New Year's Eve 2012 Kiss

What’s Behind The New Year’s Eve Kiss

December 31, 2014 by

It's New Year's Eve... a holiday marked by revelry, resolutions, champagne and, last but not least, the infamous stroke of midnight kiss. As we ready ourselves to countdown to the start of 2015, we decided to find out what's behind the curious, often stress inducing, tradition of smooching to usher in the new year. As it turns out, people have been locking lips as one year turns into the next since the ... [Read More]


Fly It Forward: Women Pilots Introduce Girls To Aviation By Giving Them Their First Flight Experience

December 19, 2014 by

In late 2009, airline transport rated pilot Mireille Goyer was searching for events celebrating the 100th anniversary of the first female pilot license earned worldwide by Raymonde de Laroche on March 8, 1910. To her dismay, she found none. Determined to not let this important milestone for women pilots go unrecognized, ... [Read More]