Fix It Friday: Popcorn Ceiling Makeover… What To Do When You’ve Got Popcorn Over Concrete

"I bought a condo with popcorn ceilings. The concrete under the popcorn is slabs. I am told that the seam will always show, if  the popcorn is removed and the ceiling glazed and then painted. My contractor is suggesting to gyproc the whole ceiling. Is there a special silicon or caulking that can be sanded and painted, and that will not ... [Read More]

spa bath

Fix-It Friday: How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa Retreat… Easily & Inexpensively

Would you just RELAX! Easier said than done, my friends! Practice yoga, meditate, breathe, sure! Or kick back with a glass of scotch, or wine... actually any adult beverage - my usual go-to de-stressor. In honor of today - National Relaxation Day - a holiday that requires no explanation, I’ve decided to inspire  "We The Frazzled" to ... [Read More]

under sink valve

Fix-It Friday: How To Replace A Water Shutoff Valve

I just watched a big-box TV commercial showing a mom and daughter replacing their bathroom vanity. They make it look so easy, too easy, in fact, as if they’re changing out a comforter set and throw pillows! Now of course a mom and daughter can do a project like this one, but don’t present it in a way that’s misleading in its degree of difficulty, because if you do, ... [Read More]

Girl Hunter

Fix-It Friday: Four Girlfriends And An Overloaded Circuit… The Night The Lights Went Out In Manhattan

I can remember a night, several summers ago, three girlfriends and I went into Manhattan for a special Girls' Night Out. We booked a room at an ultra-posh hotel and met there to have a cocktail before going up to our room to get glammed up and hit the town. Well, you can imagine the ... [Read More]


Get Your “Fix” From Norma Vally… Ask A DIY Question. The Toolbelt Diva Will Answer.

July 25, 2014 by

Jean B was confused by countertops. Anna L had a bum electrical outlet. Sharon needed less pop on her glossy pink staircase. Laurel said, "No more!" to her popcorn ceiling. Nina wanted to clean her oven without nasty chemicals. AJ was grossed out by showerhead buildup. V White was looking to get creative with accent tiles. ... [Read More]

Water waste

Fix-It Friday: “Help! My Ring Went Down The Sink Drain!” How To Rescue Anything From Your P-Trap

My nieces and nephew are visiting with me this week, and although there are 3 bathrooms in the house, they all want to use my bathroom, of course. Yesterday, the little one came running to me, eyes as wide as dinner plates, totally panic stricken. "Aunt Norma..." then the tears started gushing. I was finally able to decipher ... [Read More]

under the stairs-pantry

Fix-It Friday: Conquering the Abyss… How To Put The Space Under The Stairs To Good Use

July 18, 2014 by

"My kitchen pantry is under the stairs! It's not closed in and my husband says he wants to make sure he does it correctly to code. I've been waiting 7 years!! While I am waiting, I put my pots and pans on a wire free standing shelf. I am constantly knocking pans back ... [Read More]

toilet handle

Fix-It Friday: The Toilet Handle Fix… How To Replace Or Tighten

You want to talk embarrassing? I’m on the first over-his-place date with a guy I’m really liking. After the initial "Hello. You look great. Nice place," I excuse myself to the bathroom. You know you can tell a lot about someone by their bathroom. Is it fresh and clean? What’s the medicine cabinet stocked with? Beware of too many "anti" products - antifungal creams, anti-itch powders, ... [Read More]