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Fix-It Friday: Low Water Pressure Faucet? Here’s An Easy Fix To Get The Flow Going

Is the flow at your faucet so low it takes 10 minutes to rinse one dish? The lack of pressurized flow is almost always due to a clogged aerator. The aerator is a small device at the tip of your faucet. It contains a screen(s) in it that does two things—filters out particles and creates a smooth neat flow of water (so it doesn’t chugalug ... [Read More]


Fix-It Friday: To Flush or Not To Flush… Things You Should NEVER Put Down Your Toilet, Drain, Or Garbage Disposal

In a previous Fix-it Friday column, I wrote about how to unclog a toilet, which got me to thinking... an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, or a quart of Liquid Plumr. Back when I did a lot of plumbing work with my cousin Sal in Brooklyn, I unclogged more toilets, clean-outs, shower ... [Read More]

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Fix-It Friday: Viva Vinegar… 12 Terrific Household Uses For Distilled White Vinegar

Vinegar, from Old French, vinaigre, meaning “sour wine,” is not just for salads anymore! The uses and benefits of vinegar stretch well out of the kitchen pantry — from industrial applications, to medicinal treatments, to interior and exterior household uses. I’ve been using vinegar around the house for decades! In fact, this past week I whipped out the distilled white vinegar ... [Read More]

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Fix-It Friday: From Dull To Dynamic, Refinishing Flea Market Finds

"Hi Norma! I have furniture envy. My friends are great at finding, repurposing and refinishing furniture they find at flea markets, but they live in the country so they have the space to do these kind of projects. Any tips for those of us living in metropolitan areas that don’t have an outdoor space to work in?" - Becky Hill, WYSK reader ... [Read More]


Fix-It Friday: How To Grow Herbs And Veggies In 5-Gallon Buckets

For decades, immigrants have found resourceful ways of growing things often in the most unlikely of places when a city’s tight spaces didn’t accommodate traditional gardening... like in buckets on fire-escapes! Over 100 years ago, my grandfather, an immigrant from Racalmuto, Sicily, came to America with empty pockets, but a head filled with dreams ... [Read More]

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Fix-It Friday: How To Easily Turn A Boring Windowsill Into A Beautiful Focal Point With Tile

Happy Fix-It Friday friends! Today, I'm excited to share a simple and lovely tile project I recently did on my own kitchen windowsill. While most tile jobs require special tools for cutting tile, I’ve tweaked this project so that any inspired individual can turn boring into beautiful! Because a windowsill pretty much lives on its own, ... [Read More]

Hole in the grey plasterboard.

Fix-It Friday: What To Do If Pilot Holes Are Too Big For Screws Or Anchors

“What should you do if the pilot hole for screws or anchors is too big?” - WYSK Reader Airtas NV: Thanks for this great question because so many of us will relate to it! A loose shelf, a wobbling curtain rod, a hanging by a thread coat rack - we’ve all been there! I especially love this question because it reminds me of a repair I’ve been meaning to get to for months! ... [Read More]

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Fix-It Friday: How To Use Eggshells In 6 Unexpectedly Egg-cellent Ways

With Easter and Passover upon us, 'tis the season for all sorts of egg related symbolism and activities - hard-boiling, coloring, decorating, hiding, hunting, basket filling, devil-ing (my Aunt Rose’s deviled eggs are our holiday favorite!). An egg-stravaganza of eggs! But did you know that eggshells are A LOT more than they’re cracked up to be? Turns out eggshells offer many natural ... [Read More]