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Fix-It Friday: How To Clean Jewelry Using Common Household Items

February 27, 2015 by

I travel quite a bit, and having a few places around the country that I call “home,” sometimes I get confused as to which home is actually home. One day my girlfriend, another multi-resident traveler, tried to set things straight for me. She explained home is where most of your underwear are… which made me realize, I have a lot of underwear in a lot of places. I also ... [Read More]

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Fix-It Friday: How To Turn An Ordinary Orange Into A Luxury Candle With DIY Zest

February 20, 2015 by

From crafts to renovation, I’m always on the hunt for fun, inexpensive, and eco-friendly DIY projects that yield great results. My latest project search was motivated by two factors - I’m a total candle junky but I hate spending mucho dinero to support my habit. Have you seen the price of "healthy" candles - 100% beeswax and ... [Read More]

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Fix-It Friday: How To Fix A Home Sweet Home Valentine’s Day Feast

February 13, 2015 by

If home is where the heart is, and the heart is the symbol of love, what better place to celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day than at home sweet home? Many of my friends share a bah humbug feeling about this holiday (if I may co-mingle a holiday term). Their overall sentiment is it’s overrated, but I say, if you’re a Valentine’s Day fan or not, fixing a fun and festive feast for your ... [Read More]


Fix-It Friday: How To Use Red, Red, Wine… As An All Natural Wood Stain

In the Q&A part of my career I’ve often answered the question how to remove red wine stains, but in honor of National Wear Red Day®, I’m going to show you how to USE red wine to stain wood! What better DIY way for me to raise awareness in the fight against heart disease in women than by raising a glass and a paintbrush dipped in vino rosso… an alcoholic beverage revered ... [Read More]


Fix-It Friday New Year’s Resolution Series: Week 4… Bedroom Improvements

This week’s my 4th and final installment of the Top 15 Ways to Get Your Home in Shape for 2015! I’d like to culminate this series where we end each day... in the BEDROOM. Think about this statistic... we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping. That means approximately 33.3% of the time spent in our home is in the bedroom! It’s there that we dress, sleep, dream, cuddle, have sex, and ... [Read More]

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Fix-It Friday New Year’s Resolution Series: Week 3… Garage Improvements

It’s week 3 of my Top 15 Ways to Get Your Home in Shape for 2015! Over the last two weeks we covered 4 ways to shape up your kitchen, and 4 ways to shape up your bathroom. This week I’m taking you into the garbage, I mean, GARAGE! My word slip is to make a point—often the garage ends up becoming a garbaage room, and it shouldn’t be! I apply this notion ... [Read More]

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Fix-It Friday New Year’s Resolution Series: Week 2… Bathroom Improvements

It’s week 2 of my Top 15 Ways to Get Your Home in Shape for 2015! Last week we started with 4 ways to shape up your kitchen, and I’m dedicating this week to improving the room that sees the most coming and going (and going)…THE BATHROOM. There are a few chronic issues in bathrooms that are pretty much universal. The first bathroom issue is the slow drain. ... [Read More]

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Fix-It Friday New Year’s Resolution Series: Week 1… Kitchen Improvements

Happy 2015, Fix-It Friday friends! In this fresh start part of the year I’d like to focus our attention on getting our homes shipshape for 2015. So all month long, I’m dedicating each of my weekly Fix-It Friday columns to 4 different, but major areas of our homes. By the end of January, you'll know my Top 15 Ways to Get Your Home in Shape for 2015! So let’s get started ... [Read More]