Christmas wine

Fix-It Friday: Fixing for the Holidays With a Twist (of Lemon)!

December 19, 2014 by

In the spirit of the Season, this Fix-it Friday I’d like to share some home fixes that I rank on the top of my to-do list, namely, fixing drinks! Indeed, fixing a batch of holiday cocktails may not be the kind of DIY project one would imagine when it comes to home repair, but to this notion I ask that we consider the screwdriver. Is it a tool that fits into the head of a screw, or is it a cocktail ... [Read More]

dishwashing machine

Fix-It Friday: Clever, Cheap And Easy Tips For Keeping A Dishwasher Like New

December 12, 2014 by

We just got a top of the line dishwasher and I'm nothing short of in love. It's sleek looking, cleans like the dickens, and best of all, uber quiet. (I swear while in wash cycle I could cuddle up to this thing and take a nap.) With all of the Thanksgiving festivities and ensuing Christmas baking, we've really given our new addition quite a workout. To my chagrin, after its umpteenth load, I noticed a ... [Read More]

Christmas Lights

Fix-It Friday: How To Hang Holiday Decorations With Ease

Untangling a knotted ball of holiday lights - a true test of patience and character, especially if you think no one is watching. I shamefully admit to completely losing my cool last night when I got into a fist fight with a 100 count string of lights, and lost, but only after cursing up a sh** storm that led to me damning the entire holiday season and chucking the lights in the trash. ... [Read More]


Fix-It Friday: Some Good Herb… How To Keep Fresh Herbs Fresh

November 21, 2014 by

How many times have you bought a fresh herb bunch, only to throw it out cause you didn’t use it quickly enough? A wilted slimy bag of green goop, tossed in the garbage - money wasted, and no sage for your favorite lemon-sage chicken dish you just prepped. I swore I’d never kill innocent aromatics again so I came up with a bunch of herbal fixes and a battle cry to forever ... [Read More]

brain over brawn

Fix-It Friday: Brain Over Brawn… A Girl’s Guide To Gaining Brute Strength For Tough DIY Projects

November 14, 2014 by

I’m often asked about the differences between men and women in the construction world. Although I’d like to share a profound insight depicting psychological dissimilarities between the male and female psyche, the truth is, there’s not much to report. I’ve come across subtle differences, ... [Read More]

dirty oven

Fix-It Friday: How To Clean A Dirty Oven… No Chemicals Required

"Hi Norma - I REALLY need to clean my oven so my Thanksgiving turkey doesn’t taste like everything else I’ve made in it of late. It’s seven years old and not self-cleaning. I’ve avoided doing it because I don’t want to set-off a cloud of noxious chemicals in my kitchen for a whole day. Is there a non-toxic way to clean a non-self cleaning oven? Thanks so much!" - WYSK Reader Nina ... [Read More]

Got Pumpkin?

Fix-It Friday: How To Repurpose Your Pumpkins After Halloween

Think about how many millions of pumpkins get tossed in the trash after Halloween each year. A wasteful act that’s not only a dis to ole Jack, but needlessly dumps massive tonnage into landfills. Why not do something purposeful with your post-Halloween pumpkin? For me the two best options are to eat it or compost it, so for this Fix-it Friday I give you two ways to ... [Read More]

water supply lines

Fix-It Friday: How To Avert A Disastrous Washing Machine Flood

Far too many times I’ve heard testimony and seen the aftermath of what can happen from a washing machine flood caused by a burst water supply line. And no, the washer doesn’t have to be running in order for this to occur, in fact the washer being “on” has nothing to do with it. What causes the flood is this: the water supply lines that run from the shut-off valves (wall connections) to ... [Read More]