Old paint cans

Fix-It Friday: What To Do With Old Paint… Tips For Storing, Tossing, And Repurposing The Cans

Hey Norma - I have lived in my home for almost 10 years, and from all the painting we've done I have amassed an arsenal of paint cans (almost full gallons, almost empties, and half full)... too many for the little storage space we have. So here are my questions: How long can you keep paint (how long is it good for)? How do you ... [Read More]

home in spring

Fix-It Friday: Spring Home Maintenance Tips… DIY On The Inside And Out

It’s official, today spring has sprung! Ironically enough, our meteorologist just predicted snow for NY today. What? Will it ever end? I’ve heard of an Indian summer, but is there such thing as an Indian winter? I hope not! Be that as it may, after this long winter and the effects of cold temps, it’s time to give the exterior of our home a good look and inspection. ... [Read More]


Fix-It Friday: What To Do If You Smell Natural Gas… Life And Home Saving Safety Tips

In the news this past week were reports of 2 houses that exploded in New Jersey due to natural gas leaks. Ironically enough, last night I put a pot of stew on the stove to simmer at a very low flame… apparently too low, because the flame blew out for who knows how long. All I know is I began to smell something strange and at first thought ... [Read More]

woman slips on snowy road

Fix-it Friday: Tips On How to Avoid “Icy” Trips to the ER… In March?!?!

Another wave of snow storms and it’s MARCH? Good grief! I’ve been back in NYC since mid February and shoveled more in the last 2 weeks than I have in 2 years! But what really reminded me that I picked the wrong time of year to visit my hometown is the header I took yesterday navigating over an ice hill. I smacked down on my side and banged up my palm and knee. ... [Read More]

Unchain my heart

Fix-It Friday: How To Clean Jewelry Using Common Household Items

February 27, 2015 by

I travel quite a bit, and having a few places around the country that I call “home,” sometimes I get confused as to which home is actually home. One day my girlfriend, another multi-resident traveler, tried to set things straight for me. She explained home is where most of your underwear are… which made me realize, I have a lot of underwear in a lot of places. I also ... [Read More]

Norma_candle (1)

Fix-It Friday: How To Turn An Ordinary Orange Into A Luxury Candle With DIY Zest

February 20, 2015 by

From crafts to renovation, I’m always on the hunt for fun, inexpensive, and eco-friendly DIY projects that yield great results. My latest project search was motivated by two factors - I’m a total candle junky but I hate spending mucho dinero to support my habit. Have you seen the price of "healthy" candles - 100% beeswax and ... [Read More]

wood spoon and word love over many red hearts

Fix-It Friday: How To Fix A Home Sweet Home Valentine’s Day Feast

February 13, 2015 by

If home is where the heart is, and the heart is the symbol of love, what better place to celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day than at home sweet home? Many of my friends share a bah humbug feeling about this holiday (if I may co-mingle a holiday term). Their overall sentiment is it’s overrated, but I say, if you’re a Valentine’s Day fan or not, fixing a fun and festive feast for your ... [Read More]


Fix-It Friday: How To Use Red, Red, Wine… As An All Natural Wood Stain

In the Q&A part of my career I’ve often answered the question how to remove red wine stains, but in honor of National Wear Red Day®, I’m going to show you how to USE red wine to stain wood! What better DIY way for me to raise awareness in the fight against heart disease in women than by raising a glass and a paintbrush dipped in vino rosso… an alcoholic beverage revered ... [Read More]