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Elbows to Ankles: One Woman Speaks Out On The Policing Of Girls’ Bodies By Educators

May 22, 2015 by

By Melissa Atkins Wardy - I’ve been speaking with the mom of a high school girl who was told at school this morning that her dress to her knees, cardigan to her elbows, and leggings underneath were inappropriate for school. The only skin this girl was showing was her forearms and hands. A school official told her boys were being ... [Read More]


Headstrong: A New Book Featuring 52 Of History’s Brightest Female Scientists

May 18, 2015 by

When rocket scientist Yvonne Brill passed away in 2013, the New York Times published an obituary (which has since been edited) that started with a paragraph about her cooking skills, and her role as a wife and mother. It wasn’t until the second paragraph that readers learned about Ms. Brill’s incredible achievements and brilliant ... [Read More]


25 Years Ago: When Mills College Students Rallied to Keep It An All Women’s School

May 7, 2015 by

Editor’s note: On May 3, 1990, the Board of Trustees at Mills College voted to admit men to the school's undergraduate program for the first time in the college's 138-year history. The announcement became the catalyst for a sixteen-day student strike that gained national attention, ... [Read More]

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This Teen Wants Her School To Know: “If My Shorts Make You Uncomfortable, YOU Are The Problem.”

May 6, 2015 by

Warm weather is starting to settle in around the country and school administrators are sharpening their pencils getting ready to impose their dress code restrictions on students… or shall we say their female students. In schools across the nation, girls have been at the center of ... [Read More]


May 4th: A Popular Birthday For Some Extraordinary Women

May 4, 2015 by

May 4th is day filled with several birthdays of extraordinary women, some you may know, others you should know. ... [Read More]

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It’s Earth Day… Meet Rachel Carson, The Woman Who Inspired Modern Environmentalism In 1962

April 22, 2015 by

Today marks the 45th anniversary of Earth Day, a campaign created in 1970 to "force environmental protection onto the national political agenda." It has since grown to be a movement that is credited as "the largest civic event in the world, celebrated simultaneously around the globe." More than a billion people participate in Earth Day each year, and we want you to ... [Read More]


The Inspiring Teacher We Met… On Twitter

April 21, 2015 by

"There are fantastic, incredible, interesting, passionate and inspiring women around every corner, all over the globe." That's what we always say when it comes to our daily quest to find and celebrate women who are making things happen in their world. And we proved that point, once again, when we met Eve Mendolia yesterday... on Twitter. It was a chance meeting, ... [Read More]

MIT Professor Of Neuroscience Goes Extreme To Teach Lesson About The Human Brain

MIT Professor Of Neuroscience Goes Extreme To Teach Lesson About The Human Brain

April 20, 2015 by

Nancy Kanwisher a professor of cognitive neuroscience at Massachusetts Institute of Technology uses a brain imaging method called fMRI to study the human brain. Professor Kanwisher studies the brain partly by exploring her own. She's spent countless hours in a fMRI scanner, ... [Read More]