The USA Cycling Pro Road Tour Has Only One Woman Mechanic… Her Name Is Andrea Smith

August 18, 2016 by

On the USA Cycling professional road tour there is only one woman mechanic. Her name is Andrea Smith and she is the head mechanic for Team Colavita-Bianchi. She joined the U.S. top-ranked team in 2014 when owner John Profaci put together an all-women staff to run the all-women team. ... [Read More]

The Women In Japan Challenging The Male-Dominated Sushi Chef Tradition

The Women In Japan Challenging The Male-Dominated Sushi Chef Tradition

August 15, 2016 by

While more and more women are pursuing careers in the culinary world, men still dominate top jobs in the kitchen. And when it comes to women sushi chefs, it’s a rare sight, particularly in Japan where the excuses used to keep women away from the sushi counter are beyond archaic.  ... [Read More]


8 Things You Should Know About Elizabeth Holtzman, Pioneering Politician And Serial Glass Ceiling Smasher

August 11, 2016 by

In 1972, Elizabeth Holtzman, a 31-year-old woman who had never run for public office, ran for Congress. Her rival mocked her campaign, the Democratic political "boss" dismissed her, and a major newspaper focused on her height and weight instead of the substance of her platform. Undeterred, Liz went on to win that race, ... [Read More]


Meet France Córdova… The Renowned Astrophysicist Whose Career Path Was Inspired By A Marshmallow

August 1, 2016 by

This 2-minute, animated video offers a brief, but beautiful look at the extraordinary life of internationally renowned astrophysicist France Córdova, in her own words. From being named NASA's first female chief scientist in 1993 to currently leading the only government science agency charged with advancing all fields of scientific discovery, ... [Read More]


Get Your Brave On… An Open Invitation For Young Women To Train Like A Firefighter In NYC

July 28, 2016 by

For several years, United Women Firefighters, a group of women firefighters working in the Fire Department of New York (FDNY), has partnered with New York Sports Clubs (NYSC) to provide a specialized training program for any woman interested in being a firefighter in the FDNY. To celebrate the impact it’s ... [Read More]


From Where I Stand: Lucy Nduati On Being A Female Police Officer In Kenya

July 26, 2016 by

From Where I Stand is a powerful, new editorial series from UN Women that is capturing the unique stories of women and girls around the world. With the new global 2030 roadmap and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) approved by UN Member States last September, UN Women is taking a look at how women are ... [Read More]


Let’s Make The Proposed Women Of NASA Lego Set A Reality!

July 25, 2016 by

In August 2014 LEGO released the Research Institute, a set of female scientists, which included designs that were submitted to the LEGO Ideas contest by geochemist Dr. Ellen Kooijam. The response was overwhelming, and the set sold out, several times. Since then, we've seen the company include other women in STEM and non-traditional fields in their minifig offerings ... [Read More]


Meet The Stuntwoman Who Put The Wonder In ‘Wonder Woman’… Jeannie Epper

July 20, 2016 by

From 1975 to 1979, thirty-four years after the feminist icon's comic debut, Wonder Woman was brought to life by actress Lynda Carter on what was "the first, longest running and most successful syndicated television show with a serious female action hero." Captivated by her golden lasso of truth and bullet deflecting bracelets, we watched her death defying leaps and ... [Read More]