This 13-Year-Old CEO Has Put Over 18,000 Books Into The Hands Of Kids Who Need Them

August 31, 2016 by

A book. One single book. Many people don't realize how important having one book in their life can be to a child. But believe me, just one book can mean the world to a child. I know this because I have seen the joyous expressions on children's faces as they receive a book, not just any book, but their very own book. My name is Meagan Warren ... [Read More]

L.M. Montgomery’s ‘Anne Of Green Gables’ (1908) Being Adapted For 2017 Netflix Series

August 23, 2016 by

In 1905, Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874 – 1942) wrote her first novel, Anne of Green Gables, and received rejections from every publisher to whom she sent it. So she put her manuscript "away in a hat box" and there it sat until 1907, when she dusted it off and decided to have another go at getting ... [Read More]

Martha Carucci Bravely Shines A Spotlight On Alcoholism By Sharing Her Journey To Sobriety

August 2, 2016 by

By Martha Carucci - What does an alcoholic look like? For many, the word alcoholic conjures up images of a person on the street drinking from a brown-bagged bottle. Someone completely destitute and disheveled. But what about the mom sitting next to you at a PTA meeting or soccer game? She may be just as miserable. ... [Read More]

10 Things You May Not Know About Beatrix Potter

July 28, 2016 by

Beloved writer, illustrator and conservationist Beatrix Potter was born on July 28, 1866. Growing up in an affluent family afforded Beatrix a privileged childhood spent cultivating a passion for art and nature. As a young girl, Beatrix enjoyed sketching animals and later invented stories that combined her love for both animals ... [Read More]

The Street Librarian: Laura Moulton Brings Books To People Living Outside

July 25, 2016 by

Founded in 2011, Street Books is a bicycle-powered mobile library, serving people who live outside in Portland, Oregon. Laura Moulton, a writer, artist and adjunct professor at Marylhurst University and Lewis & Clark Colleges, started the project because "everyone should have the right to read, no matter if you have a home address ... [Read More]

The Girl On The Train Official Trailer

July 19, 2016 by

Last year it was announced that the Paula Hawkins dark thriller and best seller The Girl on the Train was going to be made into a film, and we’ve been waiting patiently to get a sneak peek. Today, a brand new trailer has been released, and we can only imagine that the film will be just as captivating. The Girl on the Train is the story of protagonist Rachel Watson (played by Emily Blunt), who is ... [Read More]

Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World

July 11, 2016 by

When we first featured illustrator Rachel Ignotofsky on WYSK last year, she was working on a series called Women In Science, a collection of spectacular illustrations highlighting the contributions of notable women in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Now, those illustrations, ... [Read More]

12 Books To Crack (Or Swipe) Open This Summer

June 10, 2016 by

Two weeks ago, we asked WYSK readers to give us their suggestions for which "must read" titles we should have on our 2016 summer reading list. Many rallied and delivered. Here are just 12... all are written by women, some are new releases, some are tried and true, many were recommended over and over again. Which book(s) ... [Read More]