Latin Grammy Nominated “Mariachi Flor de Toloache” Are Creating A Sound All Their Own

November 27, 2015 by

Mireya I. Ramos, violinist, vocalist, composer and arranger, was born into a family of musicians. Her father sang mariachi and she grew up with a deep love for the classic Mexican music. When she decided she wanted to play mariachi, she noticed there weren’t many women performing, ... [Read More]


Organic Tea, An Apple Watch, A Fedora… Alice In Wonderland Illustrated For 2015

November 25, 2015 by

Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (commonly shortened to Alice in Wonderland) was published 150 years ago, in 1865. While it remains a timeless tale of one curious girl's tumble down the rabbit hole into an absurd and magical world filled with a curious cast of colorful characters, Mashable illustrator ... [Read More]


The Extraordinary Life Of Frida Kahlo Illustrated

November 23, 2015 by

The story of Frida Kahlo has been shared on the big screen and in numerous books, and now, the extraordinary life of the visionary artist is summarized in one delightful comic by comedian, writer and cartoonist Sissy Biscuit (yes, it’s a pen name). In an email to WYSK, Sissy shared that she fell in love with the artist when she was a teenager. “I was very sick with acute Lyme disease ... [Read More]


Artist Creates Portraits Of Modern Women On A Manual Typewriter With Historic Feminist Texts

November 20, 2015 by

Leslie Nichols is an accomplished Kentucky-based artist whose primary medium is the manual typewriter or what she calls "an early tool of the secretary." She uses it to create the most stunningly haunting images of women with nothing but typed text. Her recent series, Textual Portraits, features images of ... [Read More]


Pascalle Lepas Created Princess King, Then Social Media Took Her Viral Comic From Her

November 19, 2015 by

Meet Pascalle Lepas. She’s a talented writer and illustrator from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She’s also the creator of Princess King, a two-panel comic she posted to her tumblr a year ago that took on an unexpected viral life. In the countless re-blogs and shares it continues to receive, Pascalle is, all too often, cut out of the posts, ... [Read More]


The Feminist Alphabet Series… Need We Say More?

November 17, 2015 by

Always on the lookout for awesome gifts for the feminists we love, we came across The Feminist Alphabet Series, a limited edition collection of bags, t-shirts and kids' stuff celebrating inspirational and important women in the world. Need we say more? The "work-in-progress" collection is created by Erin McCarley who runs Grow Wild Studio, a design and screen printing shop in Washington, DC. Each item is ... [Read More]

Jayne Eyre-ring

Lord Of The Rings: British Designer Creates Literary Jewels From Pages Of Used Books

November 17, 2015 by

When British designer Jeremy May and his wife were celebrating their first wedding anniversary - the paper anniversary - he wanted to give her something really special. So he got to work making her a laminated paper ring using the pages of her favorite book. The result was an extraordinary piece of jewelry that subsequently ... [Read More]


Esteemed Photographer Kurt Fishback Turns His Lens On Women Artists In Evolving Portrait Series

November 10, 2015 by

Raised in the northern California arts community of the 1940s and 50s, Kurt Fishback observed many now-legendary figures up close — friends of the family included Ansel Adams, Wynn Bullock, and Edward Weston. After working as a sculptor for a time, he spent the 80s taking photographs ... [Read More]