If Male Superhero Costumes Were Designed Like Female Superhero Costumes

August 13, 2014 by

Anna, a.k.a. Fernacular, a young woman from Boston, “got tired of guys having no idea why girls find female superheros' costumes kinda sexist.” So she went ahead and made this set of drawings showing what male superhero costumes would look like if designed like female superhero costumes. Her goals were to: ... [Read More]


Storiarts: Literary Accessories For Your Bookish Life

August 12, 2014 by

It’s no secret that WYSK loves to read, and we also love easy-going fashion, so when we came across the company Storiarts, by Tori Tissell, it was literary love at first site. In 2011 Tori came up with the idea to print “books” on scarves when trying to decide what to do about Christmas gifts for her family and friends. “I couldn’t afford to buy anything,” ... [Read More]


Street Artist NeSpoon Explains Her Penchant For Lace

August 6, 2014 by

NeSpoon, an artist from Poland, channels her passion for street art, pottery and jewelry into these incredible works of art that she’s been leaving behind in her hometown of Warsaw. Using stencils, spray paint, embroidery and other techniques, the intricate patterns of lace she creates fit right into the city’s unique landscape. ... [Read More]


Cool Mom Takes Notes On Napkins To New Heights

August 4, 2014 by

Like so many moms around the world, Nina Levy, an artist from Brooklyn, NY, began drawing on napkins for her young son Archer’s nursery school lunches. But what started out as simple black marker drawings for just one, has turned into over 2,000 elaborate, mini works of art for her now two very lucky boys. Each napkin, which takes Nina about 1-2 hours to create, comes with ... [Read More]


Happy Birthday To The Woman Who Was Likely The Face Of Rosie The Riveter

July 31, 2014 by

Born 90 years ago today, on July 31, 1924, Geraldine Hoff Doyle was just 17 years old when a United Press International (UPI) photographer snapped a picture of her while she was operating a metal-stamping press at American Broach & Machine Co. in Ann Arbor, Michigan during the summer of 1942. She was a beautiful girl whose friends were fighting in World War II ... [Read More]


These Images Have Women Fading Into The Background

July 23, 2014 by

Trina Merry, a New York body-painting artist, has created these surreal images by painting nearly nude models to seamlessly blend into the backgrounds of New York City landmarks, including Coney Island, The Freedom Tower, Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park. The California native, with a B.A. in film, worked in art departments in Hollywood on films and television before finding her current medium of ... [Read More]


Living History: Bound Feet Women Of China, A Photo Documentary

July 17, 2014 by

Unrealistic beauty standards aren’t exclusive to modern society, or to western culture. Documentary photographer and cultural anthropologist Jo Farrell captures one of the oldest barbaric “beauty” rituals in her photography project, Living History: Bound Feet Women Of China. The project chronicles and celebrates the lives ... [Read More]


Doodle Time With Sarah Andersen

July 15, 2014 by

There is no shortage of fantastic female doodlers online, and now we can add Sarah Andersen to our favorites list. Sarah is a 21-year-old cartoonist and illustrator.  She graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2014 and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY, which seems to be a mecca for intelligent and talented cartoonists! Sarah’s comics are semi-autobiographical and follow the adventures ... [Read More]