Carefree Gives Us A More Real Take On Periods

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Carefree, the feminine hygiene brand, has released a series of videos promoting its new Australian website, and there’s nothing typical about them. Instead of cringing, we are laughing our asses off!

You won’t see any blue liquid or women wearing white bikinis walking down the beach here. There’s no talk about “freshness” or the lack thereof. Instead, we get to meet Harmony Freebush, Fanny Glitterwinkle and Stefan Van Der Blöed, the period whisperer. The hosts offer us “lectures” on feminine hygiene, tampons and general period care.

For so many years (like forever), menstruation has been a taboo subject. Armed with information and humor, Carefree is definitely sparking a dialogue while simultaneously breaking the mold of what’s expected when it comes to feminine hygiene marketing.

Be prepared to be entertained.

You can check out the more of the videos here.