BREAKING NEWS: Artist David Trumble Renames His “Holocaust Princess” Cartoon

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Last Thursday, we ran a story that became a viral sensation in less than 24 hours. It was our exclusive interview with artist David Trumble about a satirical cartoon he drew of ten of the world’s most inspiring women from past and present history as Disney Princesses. Since, our story has been viewed well over 1 million times, has been picked up by countless media outlets and continues to spark great debate, radically different viewpoints, and, in many cases, complete misinterpretations of the purpose of the cartoon. But it was David’s Anne Frank that caused the greatest reaction. He responded today.

David confirmed with us that he has made what he calls, “a small but important amendment to the Anne Frank cartoon. She is now ‘Diary Princess’.” He explained, “The many impassioned views of people disturbed by her former title has compelled me to make the change, since her life was an achievement of writing, not simply defined by her suffering.” You can see his newly named Princess below.

Also, due to overwhelming demand, each of David’s 10 satirical “World of Women” Disney Princess drawings are now available for purchase here.


  • Jen

    Oh come on, Star of David would be so insensitive.

    • Lilith

      But it was part of her reality before going into hiding. And she was a proud Jew.

      I think of one Jewish woman I knew who said that as long as one person out there hated her on account of her Jewishness, she was going to continue to be a Jew. Brava, I say. I wonder if Anne would feel the same…

  • Amrit Tath

    I know this is prob too long and not catchy but “Coming-of-Age During Genocide Princess” could actually explain why her diary was sooooo important. Oh, hey! Or Anti-Holocaust Princess might work. Or might Anti- Genocide Princess…..

  • tammy

    HURRAH! So nice to see someone take feedback seriously. Thanks so much for this! Frank was inspiring not for what she went through, but what she did. She wrote, and wrote candidly about her life and the lives of others around her.

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  • Lilith

    Anne could be depicted with the little red & white checkered diary in her hands, and a pen. 🙂

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  • hjghj

    This is idiotiv and you all should feel bad you bunch of fucking babies who seem to be inable to learn shit about people unless they’re turned into glittering cartoon characters fucking americans

    • Elizabeth Buchan-Kimmerly

      Your insight and sensitivity is only surpassed by your syntax and spelling.

  • Captain Obvious

    What made him think naming her “Holocaust Princess” was a good idea in the first place?
    You’d think spending hours drawing the picture, then uploading it, you would think
    maybe naming this princess after the genocide and murder of thousands and thousands of people MIGHT NOT be such a good idea.

  • familyvonbarnhart

    Now that she is a Princess, no one can force her to wear one!