Boy Toys And Girl Toys…The Consequences

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In the spirit of our growing knowledge of the world of comics, we share this Tech Tuesday themed strip from Zach Weiner of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. It’s his comedic commentary on the cause/effect of stereotypical boy toys and girl toys. Our suggestion… swap out the “doll” for PrincessOpoly to REALLY drive the point home.

boy toys girl toys_zach weiner

  • dejuisti

    Starting to worry that way too many people in our society think that everything that is not perfectly proportionate in our world is because of an “ISM” or because of the lack of “gender neutrality” (not necessarily commenting about this specific post).

    I’d be interested to know the origin of some baby/kid toys along with the chicken-or-the-egg scenario concerning what boy and girls played with and/or gravitated to long ago that started the toy “stereotypes”.

    • Jess

      I just think in this case specifically, the point is not about parity, but limitations. So if you only give dolls/doll houses/barbies to girls to play with, how will they get exposure to other things that might also peak their interest. Are we limiting their potential by limiting their choices?