Biracial Filmmaker Confronts Racism In Award Winning Film “The Aryans”

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Mo Asumang, an acclaimed filmmaker, actress and television presenter in Germany, takes hate head on in her documentary The Aryans, in which she goes face-to-face with racists both in Germany and in the United States.

Being biracial, Mo has dealt with the realities of racism throughout her life and career. In this documentary, she takes a personal journey through the “madness of racism”, diving into right-wing extremism, exploring and exposing the motivation behind this intense breed of hate.

Mo_WhiteResistance_TomMo meets with neo-Nazis in Germany, and the notorious white supremacist Tom Metzger, and other members of the Ku Klux Klan in the U.S., who are interviewed by her in full regalia. Her disarming approach and calm curiosity exposes a side rarely seen of the racists she encounters.

In the above BBC News video she says, “These people don’t actually talk to Jews. They don’t talk to black people. They don’t know their enemy, so-called enemy. So what they do, when they talk to me, they talk to reality, and that’s the first thing they have to survive.”

Between 2000 and 2011, the number of hate groups in this country has nearly doubled, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. What’s most haunting and scary about the film is that it is not about racism in the past, rather Mo is showing us what it’s like right now, in the present.

  • Julia A

    I’m so impressed by how mature/reasonable this lady is. If I were her I could just try to fight them. I’m really interested in watching the full thing.

    • Julia B


  • WhiteRabbit

    First, Anti-racists said “Check your White Pr1vil3g3 so we can [email protected] r3f0rm and @[email protected] @ct10n you”
    Then, Anti-racists said “Your neighberhood is too white so we’ll Bl3nd3d [email protected] it”
    Now, Anti-racists are saying “[email protected] who White Flight D1v3r51ty will not be [email protected]
    Sounds like White genocide.
    “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

  • Daniel K

    So a mixed race person is conducting a study of racism in traditionally white communities. How is that not racist itself? Here’s a thought, how about a study into racism using “black neighborhoods” as the study group. Because I don’t recall reading too many stories about black people getting attacked in non-black areas, but it’s regularly reported that non-Blacks get attacked when they stray into “black neighborhoods”.

    Stop focussing on fringe groups and start looking at where the real racism lies.