Mary Edwards Walker

Dr. Mary Edwards Walker: The Woman Who Refused To Give Up

January 21, 2014 by

Mary Edwards Walker (1832 - 1919) was a surgeon, abolitionist, outspoken advocate for women's rights, dress reformist (she wore pants), all-around character and badass who refused to live within the confines of gender-based roles. No wonder she was known as "Contrary Mary". ... [Read More]


What Makes Olga Run? The Mystery Of The 94-Year Old Track Star

January 20, 2014 by

Olga Kotelko, a 94-year old woman from Vancouver, Canada, is considered to be one of the world’s greatest athletes. Yes, we said 94! The farmer’s daughter, lifelong schoolteacher and single mom to two, started playing softball after her retirement at the age of 70. Showing significant prowess when it came to running and throwing, she gave up her place on the softball team ... [Read More]


The Bench Diary Project: Inviting People To Share Their Innermost Thoughts

January 20, 2014 by

As a child, Dessa Lohrey loved keeping a diary, and her fascination with them became further peaked when she stumbled upon her own fourth grade journal. Thoroughly entertained by the fearlessness and honesty captured, Dessa wondered, “what would happen if people were invited to share their inner most thoughts with others?” ... [Read More]


Nice Try American Apparel, But We’re #NotBuyingIt

January 20, 2014 by

On Thursday, an American Apparel store based in lower Manhattan traded its regular mannequins for female forms donning a full bush along with predominant, erect nipples. This is not the company’s first go at trying to appeal to women who embrace a more natural body image. You may remember the controversy that ensued, this past fall, around their attempt at ... [Read More]

WYSK Lizzie Velasquez Asks: How Do You Define Yourself? [VIDEO]

WYSK Lizzie Velasquez Asks: How Do You Define Yourself? [VIDEO]

January 17, 2014 by

You may have seen this already, but on the chance that even one person has missed it, we feel compelled to share it with you. Lizzie Velasquez, 23, was born with a rare, undiagnosed medical condition that keeps her body from storing fat and building muscle. She's also blind in her right eye. In a time when beauty is defined by ... [Read More]

We Festival 2014

BOLD Over: Enterprising Women Wow And Inspire At The WE Festival

January 17, 2014 by

We’re pretty sure the ground shook in New York City earlier this week as 300 fearless females converged on NYU's campus for the 4th Annual Women Entrepreneurs (WE) Festival, which celebrates and connects enterprising women at all stages of entrepreneurship. ... [Read More]


Photographer Chino Otsuka Brings Together Her Past With Her Present

January 16, 2014 by

Japanese photographer Chino Otsuka brings together the past with the present in this awesome photo series entitled Imagine Finding Me. Using digital technology, Chino inserts her adult self next to her childhood self to create these thought provoking and incredibly poignant portraits. “The digital process becomes a tool, almost like a time machine, as I’m embarking ... [Read More]

Celebrating the women of 2013

5 Reasons We LOVE The Microsoft Bing Heroic Women of 2013 Video

January 16, 2014 by

On December 29, 2013 Bing, the search engine powered by Microsoft, published a 1 minute year-in-review video called Celebrating  the Heroic Women of 2013. They included 10 courageous women who changed the world by speaking out, standing up, leading, persevering and fighting their way through adversity and challenge. To see it is to be instantly captivated, ... [Read More]