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Colleen Jordan Designs Mini Bike Planters And Vases To Make Your Ride Even Greener

April 11, 2016 by

When Colleen Jordan was an Industrial Design student she dreamed of doing a project that would allow people to carry plants on them... small farms growing on raincoats, little plants living on lapels, flowers hitching a ride on bike handlebars. Almost every professor she presented her idea to said, “Not in my class,” which made her want to do it even more. Now a successful ... [Read More]

Grad School Barbie

Higher Learning Poster Woman: Meet Graduate School Barbie

April 8, 2016 by

By Unknown Author - Graduate School Barbie comes in two forms: Delusional Master’s Barbie™ and Ph.D. Masochist Barbie™. Every Graduate School Barbie comes with these fun-filled features guaranteed to delight and entertain for hours: Grad School Barbie comes out of the box with a big grin on her face that turns into a frown after 2 weeks or her first advisor ... [Read More]

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Photo Project “Techies” Highlights The Underrepresented In Silicon Valley

April 8, 2016 by

Silicon Valley has a diversity problem. And while it's well-documented that from entry-level positions to the boardroom the tech sector is dominated by white men, there are still many others working in the ever-growing industry. ... [Read More]


White House Aims To Close Workforce Gender Gaps By Tackling Stereotypes In Media And Toys

April 7, 2016 by

In a statement released yesterday, the White House announced plans for a day-long conference aimed specifically at "breaking down gender stereotypes in media and toys so that our children can explore, learn, and dream without limits." On board to discuss the best ways to meet this critical challenge, which the White House ... [Read More]

Trishaun Coleman: The Young Woman Who Brought Us To Tears With This Performance

Trishaun Coleman: The Young Woman Who Brought Us To Tears With This Performance

April 7, 2016 by

We had the great privilege of attending opening night of the 7th annual Women in the World Summit that included a series of compelling, devastating and inspiring talks, performances and back-to-back panels of fierce women speaking out on a range of global issues they are each bravely tackling on the front lines. The final ... [Read More]


9-Year-Old Reporter Hilde Lysiak Silences Adult Haters Of Her Work With Epic Response

April 6, 2016 by

Breaking a murder story is a really big deal for any journalist, and the experience was no different for 9-year-old Hilde Lysiak, the reporter and publisher of Orange Street News (OSN), who just added this professional first to her already long list of impressive accomplishments. But her hard work and ... [Read More]

Disney's The Story Of Menstruation_1946

The Story of Menstruation… As Told And Animated By Disney In 1946

April 6, 2016 by

This may sound like a fairy tale, but believe it or not Disney was way ahead of its time when it came to talking about vaginas. In 1946, Walt Disney Productions was commissioned by the International Cello-Cotton Company (makers of Kotex products) to produce a film called The Story of Menstruation. The 10-minute animated short, which is said to have marked the very ... [Read More]

“Asking For It” Video Perfectly Illustrates What Not To Say To Victims Of Sexual Assault

Sketch Featuring Woman In A Chicken Suit Aims To Demonstrate Absurdity Of Victim Blaming

April 5, 2016 by

To demonstrate the absurdity of the irrelevant line of questioning that victims often endure when reporting a sexual assault, Put Your Pretty On (PYPO), a site that believes in using "disruptive, witty, and honest comedy" to deliver a new kind of conversation for women, just released a video titled "Asking For It" that features ... [Read More]