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About Willa Rubin, WYSK Campus Contributor

Women You Should Know Contributor Willa Rubin is an 18-year-old native New Yorker. She is currently pursuing her interests in writing, history, the arts and technology at Oberlin College.

Queens Of Noise: Women In Punk Rock

Punk has a special place in my heart; I grew up listening to the likes of the Clash, and as I started learning to play guitar and bass, the distorted, smart commentary of these bands especially spoke to me. But the more I listened to these rock greats, the more I realized women in the field, particularly as musicians and writers, were anomalies. ... [Read More]

Emily Rubin

Emily Rubin: Writer & Cancer Survivor, Instills Confidence Through Prose

Emily Rubin, a writer and a cancer survivor, builds communities through creativity and self-expression. Founder and organizer of Dirty Laundry: Loads of Prose, and the teacher of a writing workshop for cancer patients at Beth Israel Hospital, Emily sets up networks and encourages others to find their voices by letting their imaginations roam free. ... [Read More]

Christy and WIlla

Women Talk: Christy Prunier and Willa Doss, The Beauty Moguls Behind Willa Skincare

Most skin damage happens before the age of 18, but when a girl's skin is most vulnerable, especially in her tween years, there are few skincare products to choose from, and the number of brands using natural ingredients is even slimmer. It is this need that inspired Christy Prunier, a former film executive, and her now twelve year-old daughter, Willa, to start Willa Skincare, ... [Read More]

Rachel Mason_Matthew Spiegelman

Women Talk: 6 Questions With Artist Rachel Mason

Rachel Mason, a sculptor, songwriter and performer, often explores the concept of ambition and what motivates the most powerful people. Her work comes from a personal place; her fascination with authority, and the desire to learn more about the world and its leaders. Rachel's complex approach to these themes has resulted in a collection of works that encourages viewers to rethink power and politics, showing ... [Read More]

GIRLS Season 2

The Growing Pains Of GIRLS – Season 2

Season 1 of HBO's Girls (which emerged triumphant at the Golden Globe Awards last weekend, winning best TV comedy or musical series, and the show's creator/star Lena Dunham taking best actress in a TV series) has been acclaimed for showing unconventional characters - a group of girls in their early 20s "almost getting it kind of together" - who often seem more genuine and relatable than other characters on ... [Read More]

Willa Rubin - Queen's of Noise

Girl Meets Rock!

In my teens I was engrossed with music, but I simply could not stand a lot of the dance, synth-heavy, auto-tuned music I often heard on the radio. If I was in the car with my family, we would turn on the radio, change the station until we fully cycled through all of our options, and eventually I would end up listening to my own music. I loved the distorted sounds of Nirvana, the political themes of The ... [Read More]

Computer lab

All Alone In Tech Girl Geek-dom

My early memories of using a computer date to 2001. I stayed up past bedtime to play a modernized version of the arcade game Space Invaders (my favorite!) on my dad's PC computer. The laptop was old, the screen cracked, and the keyboard was disintegrating. When I was done, I took apart the keys so that I could see the circuits underneath. I wondered how all of the coils in a machine could produce such ... [Read More]

HBO's Girls

What I Learned From “Girls”

Sunday night's episode of HBO's Girls concluded its first season. This show has been lauded by many TV connoisseurs for writer, director, actress' Lena Dunham's raw writing style, humor, and originality, but has been censured by others, particularly because of the often-graphic sex scenes and all-white cast in the cultural mecca of New York City. As an 18-year-old who is off to join Dunham's alma mater this ... [Read More]