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About Christine A. Jones, WYSK Western US Contributor

Women You Should Know Contributor Christine A. Jones is a professor of French at the University of Utah. She is co-editor of Marvelous Transformations: An Anthology of Fairy Tales and Contemporary Critical Perspectives (Broadview, 2012), and the author of Shapely Bodies: The Image of Porcelain in Eighteenth-Century France (University of Delaware Press, 2013) and Mother Goose Revisited (under review with Wayne State University Press), a collection of translated fairy tales from the 17th century. You might also catch her writing online about wine and dance history.

The First Single Working Mother: Christine de Pizan, A Young Widow and Her Quill Make History

This is the story of a young woman named Christine who seemed to have it all. Her father had educated her at a time when that was rare for women. She learned much more than traditional women's work, receiving instruction in classical literature and even in the recent traditions of her native land ... [Read More]

Gina Davis

Wine Like A Girl

It happens all the time: a woman sits down at a restaurant with a man and the person waiting on the table - male or female - assumes that the man will order the wine. Call it a cultural default in a world where we traditionally ask men to be connoisseurs and gatekeepers of fine taste. And the stereotype has a basis in the reality of viniculture in America today. In the world of wine, women may account for ... [Read More]