ASMR Challenge: Does Anything Happen To You When You Hear This Woman’s Whispering Voice?

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Meet Maria. She’s a YouTube sensation all because she’s a master whisperer. That’s right, you heard us… she whispers, and makes other soft sounds that her now over 500,000 Gentle Whispering subscribers clamor to hear. Why? Because they all experience a phenomenon called ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) from listening to her. We had no idea this was a thing, but it is and it’s pretty freakin’ cool if you’re lucky enough to be in tune to it.

While unscientifically proven to date, people sensitive to ASMR are said to experience involuntary relaxation that’s brought on by hearing soft voices or sounds made with inanimate objects, and/or by watching someone perform certain tasks with their hands like painting, drawing, brushing hair, or even folding napkins.

“I am a ball of tingles… this is the craziest thing!” – Skeptic Jen

So what are they really feeling? When certain people hear a specific trigger (e.g. Maria’s whisper or the one that works for them), ASMR manifests itself as a tingly sensation that starts at the top or back of the head and moves down through the spine. Ultimately, it puts them in a relaxed state. People who can feel its effects use it to sleep, for anxiety issues, or simply for pleasure.

Sadly, it’s not for everyone. Some people are much more sensitive to ASMR than others. But there are also plenty of people who can’t experience the sensation at all, no matter how hard they listen to the very same sounds that bring other people to their chill zone.

As an experiment of sorts, we tried it out amongst our WYSKy crew and were utterly shocked when the biggest skeptic of us all, our co-founder Jen, exclaimed, “NO WAY!” She then proceeded to watch 3 more ASMR videos to make sure she actually felt what she thought she did. That’s when she said, “I am a ball of tingles… this is the craziest thing!” She concluded, “I never would have believed it had I not experienced it myself. That was actually overwhelming… in the very best sense.” PS – She’s now addicted.

So we’re issuing you an ASMR challenge: Watch this video and tell us… does anything happen to you when you hear this woman’s whispering voice?

Even if it just creeps you out, which it does for some, let us know.

Bob Ross And ASMR

Although no one knows when ASMR officially popped up on to global radar, the first YouTube video posted in 2009, and thanks to social media the “whisper community” has been growing ever since. But it’s interesting to note that Bob Ross, the iconic “happy little trees” painter on PBS (aired 1983 – 1994), is now considered one of the original ASMR inducing whisperers, whether he intended to be or not.

Countless people, who grew up watching his show, recall feeling tingling in their heads, and “stoner-like” levels of relaxation as they watched him move his paint brush gently across the canvas, while listening to him softly describe how to form the perfect mountain in a matter of seconds with his famed “wet-on-wet” technique.

Thanks for the high BoRo!


  • disqus_gPJMuFTkGP

    Yup! Definitely got the chills! 😀 Crazy! And now I know why I’ve always loved Bob Ross. His voice and the sound of the brushes across the canvas.

  • madjo924

    Her whispering creeped me out at first, and then put my into a little trance. It was relaxing, and I should see why people use this to fall asleep.

  • Rebecca

    I felt tingling as she pretended to brush my cheeks, but I also get ticklish when people waggle their fingers at me. For the most part she really just weirded me out. Yet, I watched some Bob Ross videos and now I’m calm! (I didn’t get any tingling though. :/)

  • Ok. I have to do this again. I am not looking for it, I just can’t stop being uncomfortable and having the need to laugh or crack a sarcastic joke. I feel like I am in a SNL skit and waiting for the punchline. I’ll get back to you again on this one. Skeptic Jen: I’m surprised! You make me give it another try. 🙂

  • I am a ball of tingles as well. Nice articles although Bob Ross’ afro disturbs me every time I watch him!

  • 4k33m

    So odd.. I get.. like a sudden rush of cool energy – that kinda tickled.. Not sure if ASMR, but yeah!

  • Elizabeth Mary Louise Shaw

    Sometimes in bed, I get a weird feeling behind my chest…but not in my back…that sort of feels like the moment before you hiccup or before you stretch….a sort of physical anticipation feeling. I don’t like it, because nothing ever comes, and I can’t sleep with that feeling…it makes me really restless trying to get rid of it.

    Her voice gave me that.

    I hate her.

  • Julia1wolfe

    On the other hand, this makes me want to smash something.

    • Barbara

      My brother is like that also. We have found that Heavy metal actually soothes him.

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  • Xynthia

    nope. the smacking sounds she made with her mouth annoyed me.

    • elizabee

      Agreed, they were so distracting. I wanted to give her a glass of water. She’s a lovely human, though.

  • Pat Engel

    Just annoying.

  • Maru

    Oh my gosh, as soon as she started speaking, I started to doze off a bit and my face felt tingly.

  • Seriously

    Nope, her mouth sounds and the lip clicking made me want to scream. Mouth sounds can really cause some really weird reactions from me…like instantly wanting to scream and squeeze stuff. It’s not exageratted or made up…uggh.

  • JMK

    For the record, most people who experience ASMR also strongly dislike mouth sounds. Which makes sense, since we are quite sensory sensitive. But Maria is different. Her voice is amazing, and her mouth sounds are soothing. Now my husband eating and smacking his lips in bed, however, makes me want to punch his face in. He’s lucky I have my headphones and ASMR.

  • Wendy

    I have always experienced this visually. The first time I remember having this sensation I was about grade 3, watching a classmate erase something she’d written in pencil and then gracefully sweep the eraser crumbs into a pile with her fingers. As for this video, her voice drove me crazy but when I turn the sound off and watch her hands moving I get the sense. I also experience this sensation when watching hair being brushed and other graceful hand movements.

  • Emma Müller

    Felt nothing. Watched it first…nothing. then closed my eyes and just listened. Again nothing!

  • Barbara

    I felt an immediate sense of relaxation.