Ask The Expert: What Burning Questions Do You Have About DIY Home Repairs?

DIY home repair questions
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Because we believe that every woman should know the basics of home maintenance, WYSK just announced the launch of our new online editorial series, Fix-It Friday with seasoned home improvement veteran, Norma Vally (a.k.a. the Toolbelt Diva). So now is your chance to “ask the expert” anything and everything you ever wanted to know about home repairs and improvements, maintenance projects or fixes big and small.

The new weekly series, exclusive to Women You Should Know, is set to launch next Friday, June 7 and will be authored entirely by Norma. Packed with tips, tricks and how to’s delivered with her signature, lively commentary, each of Norma’s Fix-It Friday column topics will be based on WYSK reader submitted questions.

Plumbing, electricity, walls, floors, doors, windows and more… bring it on because Norma has seen and done it all and has all the answers to share here.

fix-it-fridaySo weekend warriors, aspiring handywomen, and even seasoned DIYers we want to hear from you.

What do you want to ask Norma?

What do you want to know about common home repairs?

Add your question to the comments section below or email it to Women You Should Know.

  • gargouille

    I’d like to start with leaky faucets–very common and very expensive to fix. It seems, according to those in the know (men), that those of us who are not in the know (women) are doomed to mess it up, not have the strength to turn anything that matters, and have a deluge on our hands. Substitute “electrical outlet” for “leaky faucet,” “sense” for “strength,” and “fire” for “deluge” and you’ve got my second peeve. Can this possibly be true? And can you help me with these burning–no pun intended–DIY concerns?

  • Dejuitsi

    How do you stop mold from growing in a NYC apartment bathroom with very little ventilation?!

  • Nicony

    I have a couple of cracked tiles in my shower and was looking to replace them without doing the whole shower. Any tips for a quick fix?


    I recently had some repairs done to my appartment as a result of a burst geyser. Some of the floor tiles starting lifting due to the enromous amount of water. Anyhow, these tiles were taken out and re-cemented in, except for one as it broke. We have tried everywhere to get another floor tile, but this particular make and model is no longer in stock. I have been thinking of getting a contrasting colour tile and doing some art work on the tile….like wrting a message of LOVE, HOPE, DREAMS…etc. What I need to know is how can I then glaze/protect this tile from getting damaged ?

    • WomenYSK

      Hi VWHITE – Thanks for your great question. Norma will get back to you soon!

  • sharon

    I would like to redo our staircase and dedo rails, they are currently done in pink gloss, is it possible to sand them in order to varnish or stain them or will i have to stick with glossing them?