And The Award For The Cheesiest 2015 Calendar Goes To…

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…The French Association des Fromages de Terroirs for their annual From’ Girls calendar “uniting gastronomy, the art of French living, beauty, culture and tradition.” You really can’t make this stuff up.

Celebrating its 10th edition, this year’s theme is “Classic Hollywood.” Each month features a hunk of regional French cheese paired with a scantily clad woman. According to an old Reuters report, the calendar serves to “smash the unflattering stereotype of the frumpy French farm wife.”

In addition to their altruistic effort to rebrand farm wives as pinup girls, the calendar does actually have a purpose and cause – raising money for the Association to fight against the risk of standardization. The group lobbies and advocates for unpasteurized milk cheeses, and their preservation in the French heritage.

Since its launch, the From’ Girls calendar has become something of an institution in France, à la Pirelli (NSFW). Although the women look grand, we’re not so sure the photos are doing much for the cheese, which is looking less than appetizing.




For those with a sexy cheese fetish, you can order a copy of the calendar here.

P.S. And, because we cannot ignore it, the second runner up for this prestigious award goes to the Bavarian Farmers Association, which recently released its 2015 Hot Potato calendar. Chips anyone?