Ad Exec Vows To Stop Using Women As Objects In Advertising, Calls On Others To Do The Same

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On a purpose-filled mission to honor the three young daughters she tragically lost in a house fire that also claimed the lives of her parents on Christmas morning in 2011, Madonna Badger, a top ad executive, recently launched #WomenNotObjects, an awareness campaign that aims to highlight how ads that objectify women are “harmful to young women and can undermine their self-esteem and self-confidence.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, Badger, who is the co-founder and chief creative officer of Badger & Winters, created this eye-opening video, which kicked-off the campaign, using images she found when she googled “objectification of women”… all actual ads from major brands across a variety of consumer categories including fast food, alcohol, automobile, fashion, perfume, gaming, etc. Her goal is to get “ad agencies and marketers to stop using women as objects in their advertising and communications.”

“I am your mother… daughter… sister… co-worker… manager… CEO. Don’t talk to me that way.”

Badger’s own agency, which currently represents clients like Avon, Vera Wang, Diane von Furstenberg and Nordstrom, is already leading the charge having pledged “that it will not create ads that uses women as props or objectifies them.” Additionally, it has “sworn off airbrushing females in their ads ‘to the point of perfection.'”

In considering the course of her own career, Badger also owned up to the fact that she has contributed to the very problem she’s now tackling. “If I said I never did it, I would be a liar,” she told the WSJ, referring to the famous Calvin Klein ad campaigns she created in the 1990s that featured Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss.

Perhaps #WomenNotObjects will be the powerful vehicle through which Badger can effect much needed change in her industry.

  • femmom

    This is why women are needed in every industry at the top levels, not until we are statistically represented at 51 percent in every board room can we begin to tackle and solve problems. Problems like the dehumanized symbolic woman in modern media and all the problems associated with having a lowly public image. Advertising and propaganda are the keys to behavior change, so it is exciting to have an expert like Ms. Badger attacking the problem. She is uniquely qualified to bring about a big change, and her video short is fantastic, as effective as Killing me Softly or Anne Simontons slidshows but only 2minutes long.

    • Sam

      Why 51%?

      • femmom

        Because women are 51 percent of the population and that would be equal representation. Did you mean why are women 51 percent? Thats because after the intrauterine sex change that happens to all fetuses who convert, the male fetuses, are weakened by the testosterone flush and are miscarried more often and thus more females are born.

      • femmom

        In other words sam you were a woman for the first 6 weeks of your life.

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  • helentroy4

    Thank you for sharing this. In Pennsylvania, judges, district attorneys, lawyers, and others, all men, shared thousands and thousands of pornographic images of women with each other via their official email addresses. The porn included images of bondage, submission by “secretaries,” bound and gagged women, women engaging in sex acts with animals and in one image a child was included as voyeur. These same men employ women as secretaries, lawyers, assistants, researchers etc. They had no qualms that women would walk into their offices and might see these images. The images were not your run of the mill pin up T&A pics. Across the board these images were of men in power and women submitting.